What is Virgin Hair?

The term virgin hair refers to hair that has been untouched by chemical processes such as dyes, perms, and relaxers. This includes the entire lifetime the donor grew the hair as well when it is cleaned and stitched by us. Virgin hair is cut from the root of a ponytail, wrapped, and sent to us.

What is remy hair?

“Remy” means that the hair’s cuticles flow in the same direction from root to the tip. Translated, all the strands are aligned in the direction they grew in, reducing tangling. While some remy hair is collected from a single donor, it can also be swept off the floor from many donors and sent through a sorting machine to realign most of the strands and reduce tangling. While this is called remy by some, mixing many donors’ natural hair will cause inconsistent dyeing and perming effects because of one’s individual composition of hair. Remy can be chemically processed and considered remy; many hair manufacturers will treat the hair to make it more silky or colorful, but this severely degrades the quality.

Which is better, Virgin hair or remy hair?

All virgin hair collected by us is remy hair since it was never mixed with other hair or realigned. Quality wise, virgin hair will last longer because it’s not mixed among another donor’s hair. This helps explain why remy hair is generally much cheaper than virgin - it's mixed with many peoples' hair. Some customers express that remy is softer/shinier and therefore better; it’s most likely been chemically treated (think dipped in acid or silicon) and will not last very long after its first couple of dyes and perms.