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  • Fuchsia Long Straight Lace Front Wig Hairstyles 13*4 150% Density
  • Turquoise Long Straight Hair Wigs For Black Women Online 13*4 150% Density
  • Red Long Lace Front Wigs For Sale 13*4 150% Density

Long Wigs/Hairpieces, Long Human Hair Wigs

Long wigs or hairpieces refer to the long length wigs that usually below the shoulder, long human hair wigs are versatile to create lots of different hairstyles for both adults and children, women and men. For people who suffered serious hair loss, the wigs are convenient to solve the problem and find the confidence back. Everyone has the right to wear a long wig and even extra long wigs. Choose the long hairpieces according to your face shape will make you look better and help you make decisions when purchasing wigs. Please note that long wigs need appropriate washing, combing, and maintenance to reduce shedding and tangle. 

Advantages of JVH Long Wigs

  • Versatility, adaptability, and durability.

  • A large selection of natural, classic, and stylish wigs options.

  • Extensive color supply.

  • Factory prices for premium quality, without middle men.

  • Adjustable to fit different head sizes.

  • Breathable and comfortable