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Human Virgin Hair Lace Frontal Hairpieces

A Human Hair Lace frontal is a piece of hair extension that is installed on the front of the head stimulating the scalp. This piece contains a transparent Lace to which thousands of hair strands adhere to give you a natural and versatile look. Today the frontal lace is a very fashionable trend especially in people with a shortage of hair in the front, alopecia and in women who simply want to protect their natural hair.

  • 13x4/13x5 Lace Frontal: also called from gate to ear because they cover the entire front of the head from one ear to the other. This type of lace front virgin hair can be used with or without extensions, simply with your own hair (as we show in the video below).

  • 360 Lace Fronts are a kind of wig made by the front of the 360 lace front closure with the hair wefts on the top. It has a circular cord around the head to make it easier to do the high ponytail style, work as the same function as the full lace closure, while having the lowest price that full of wig.

Benefits of Human Virgin Hair Lace Frontal

  • The ear-to-ear lace front closure is more comfortable to install and wear

  • Lace front has unmatched style versatility, allow you to achieve variable hairstyles

  • A lace front covers the entire line of hair and you will get a seamless style that looks very natural and realistic

  • 13x4/13x5 lace frontal closure saves fewer bundles of hair than the lace closure, help you save on sewing and you will enjoy the comfort

  • The frontals can be used to conceal hair loss along the hairline, also be used to create a more affordable lace wig.

Buy Best Human Hair Lace Frontal Extensions

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