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JVH Brazilian Virgin Hair Bundles - American Women's Top Grade Choice For Human Hair Extension

Whether it is to increase the length of the hair or even the density of the hair, Brazilian hair extension is more and more popular with women, especially women with thick hair. Brazilian virgin hair weave has become synonymous with high-quality hair, and a secret weapon for celebrities such as Hollywood stars, because it can provide the most luxurious softness, low maintenance, and texture can be seamlessly integrated with most hair types.

What is Brazilian Virgin Hair?

Brazilian hair is often the term used to describe the appearance of raw hair and is even considered a "trademark" for high-quality hair. In theory, Brazilian virgin hair refers to hair from a single donor in South America. It does not accept any aggressive, chemical or heat treatment, and is not allowed to be straightened, permanently colored or discolored. Unlike some known so-called commercial human hair mixed with animal-derived fibers and even synthetic fibers, the Brazilian Virgin Wig is 100% unprocessed human hair. The hair fibers have a complete epidermis and are in perfect health.

What Are The Advantages of Brazilian Hair?

Features and advantages of Brazilian virgin hair:

  • Material: 100% raw Brazilian human hair without any chemical treatment. Hair certified as "natural" or a grade equal to or better than AAA is completely natural and healthy.

  • Texture: soft, relatively thick and very strong. Brazilian hair weave has a shiny appearance, known for its plump body, beautiful bouncing and texture;

  • Style: The texture of Brazilian hair can usually be straight, curly, wavy (body wave, loose wave, deep wave), etc.;

  • Quality: No shedding, no tangling, Brazilian hair can straighten, curl, bleach and style like your own hair;

  • Color: Natural black or brown, Brazilian original hair can be colored (all colors), bleached and heat processed;

  • Application: The Brazilian hair extension can be well integrated with most natural ethnic hair textures, and the wearer can design any hairstyle according to personal preference;

  • Longevity: Proper care can ensure healthy, natural Brazilian hair is lasting hair for a year or more.

Where To Buy Good Raw Virgin Brazilian Hair For Wholesale In America?

Welcome to Just Virgin Hair - One of China Top Grade Brazilian Hair Suppliers. Our raw Brazilian virgin hair products allow the wearer to maximize the benefits of 100% high-quality Brazilian hair, making every customer feel value for money, whether it is a Brazilian wholesaler or a user of end Brazilian hair products. Our low-cost, high-quality Brazilian virgin hair has benefited hair vendors, retailers, salon owners, and hair designers in Europe, America, and the Middle East. 

Why Choose JVH as Your Best Wholesale Brazilian Virgin Hair Vendor?

  • High Quality - 100% unprocessed Brazilian Virgin Hair, Not mixed with any animal or synthetic hair, No shedding, No tangles;

  • Wide Range of Products: Brazilian Hair Bundles, Brazilian Hair Wigs, Brazilian Hair Lace Front, Brazilian Hair Lace Closures, etc;

  • Various Types: Natural black/brown Brazilian Hair in Straight, Deep Wave, Body Wave, Loose Wave and Curly, from 8”-32” length;

  • Best Prices: Unprecedented low Brazilian hair prices, 15% -20% lower factory direct selling prices than other suppliers;

  • Customized Package: Can provide labeling, brand customized packaging services according to customer requirements;

  • Fast Shipment: Trial order or order in inventory, ship in 48 hours; customized order, ship within 3-5 days; please ask us for the specific ship time of your order;

  • 7 Days Return/Exchange: Any quality problem, please contact us to return or exchange within seven days after receiving the Brazilian hair products.