Wigs Wear Guide For Beginners | How To Apply a Wig (Lace Frontal Wig) Properly?
2019/12/4 15:31:04

Wigs Wear Guide For Beginners | How To Apply a Wig (Lace Frontal Wig) Properly?

How to wear a wig naturally and comfortably? Many beauties wearing wigs for the first time are searching for answers online. As a wig manufacturing expert, JVH provides you the best wig wearing methods and steps with rich experience.

How To Apply Lace Wig?


Before you start wearing a wig, you need to prepare some things you can use to help apply wig:

  • Wig Cap
  • Hair Pins
  • Rat Tail Comb
  • Clips
  • Hair Pick
  • Wig

There are two main steps to wearing a wig: wearing a hair net and wearing a wig. While many black women have natural hair braided all over their head, so they do not need wig caps to fix the natural hair, and can apply wigs directly on their natural hair.

Apply Wig Cap

How To Wear Wig Cap?

1. Wig cap with opens at the both ends, stretch it out with both hands, cover whole head goes down from the hairline to the neck.

2. The end with the elastic band (tight mouth) should be pressed on the hairline. Do not let your real hair leak out. Lift the other side up and flatten your hair in the hair net to avoid wearing a wig, keeping flat.

3. Organize shreds that are not slipped into the wig cap to ensure that all hair is completely covered by the wig cap.

    4. For natural long hair, it can be knitted to make it easy to fit all the hair into the wig cap, but needs to avoid unevenness. You can also directly put all loose hair into the wig cap, but you must knead it by hand to make the entire head shape round and free of unevenness, so as not to affect the wearing effect of the wig.

    5. Fix it with a clip on the front, back, left and right of the wig cap, which will be more secure. Or use a special hair ring glue or double-sided tape to fix wig cap is also reliable way.

Apply Lace Front and Wigs

How To Wear Lace Wig?

1. Before wearing a short wig, use a comb to straighten out the wig; while curling wigs don't need to be combed, just shake your hands.

2. Wear the wig from the forehead to the back of the head and adjust it to the correct position.

3. There are two head size adjustment buckles on the inner back of the wig (if there is a design adjustment buckle on the wig), and there is a cloth strip with an adjustment grid in the middle of the two buckles. The wearer can fix the adjusting buckle in an appropriate position according to his or her head shape.

4. There are two protruding interlinings on the inner sides of the wig, which are used to fit the corners of the wearer symmetrically. If it is not placed symmetrically on the corner, it means that your wig is not wearing right.

5. If you are wearing a lace front wig for the first time, you need to manually construct the extra lace on the forehead after wearing it. You can also trim the hairline according to personal preference.

6. The forehead lace wig does not have a built-in head circumference adjustment button, so it needs to be fixed with glue. Clean hairline with alcohol pad, apply special glue to the hairline of natural hair, and then stick the adjusted wig in place.


7. After wearing the wig, in order to make the wig look more natural, you can use concealer or eyeshadow powder close to the skin to apply on the edge of the hairline, covering the root of the hair to make the wig fit your scalp more closely, look more natural and real.

8. Spray some pure water or special care solution for wig, comb it with a comb, and take care of the effect you want.