Wig Density Guide - What is Wig Density & How to Choose the Best Wig Density
2019/12/12 9:50:18

When you are buying a full lace wig, there are often multiple hair density options needed to choose, do you understand what is wig density? Wig with improper density can't reach the expected effect. How to choose the best wig density for you? Justvirginhair.com presents the wig density guide for introducing the definition and selecting tips.

What is Wig Density & Lace Wig Density Chart

Wig density is defined as how thick or thin the hair is on your lace wig, it means the amount of hair on each wig cap. There are different levels of hair density represented by different percentages. Check out the lace wig density chart, you can have a basic understanding.

  • 50% - Extra Light Density: only suitable for people who have very thin hair
  • 80% - Light Density: very little hair on the cap, you even won't feel it
  • 100% - Light Density: little hair on the cap, suitable for people who have natural thin hair
  • 120% - Medium Density: the average standard density, neither too thick nor too thin, presents the most realistic look, suitable for silky straight fullness hairstyle
  • 130% - Medium Density: close to standard density of a hair, suitable for the fullness hairstyle.
  • 150% - Heavy Density: seriously, it's between medium to heavy, close to natural looking, high fullness than 130%, suitable for people who like very thick and fluffy hair
  • 180% - Heavy Density: heavy to wear, suitable for people who use it in shows or want a full and voluminous look. Long wig is recommended.
  • 200% - Extra Density: quite heavy, may distort the natural look of your full lace wig. so long length wigs are recommended for the density.

How to Choose the Wig Density - What is the Best Wig Density for You

The average hair density of human head is between 100%-120%, 120% is regarded as the standard and most popular choice. But considering the diverse demands, the medium density is not suitable for everybody. So, how to choose the right density for you?

1. Choose the density matches your natural hair

In order to get a natural look, the wigs usually needed to blend with your real human hair, select the wig density close to your hair density will look realistic. For example, if your hair is thin or very fine, extra light density is recommended, if you want to replicate a realistic look close to your hair with natural density, 120%-130% density are ideal options.

2. Choose the density suits the hairstyle you want

Different hairstyles require different levels of wig density to presents the best effect of the wigs, if you are fond of a sleek straight hairstyle, you should choose medium to heavy density for a full look, like 130% or 150% density. If you are going to create a glamorous look or style for theatre roles, maybe you can try 200% density.

3. Choose the density according to wig types you buy

The same density for full lace wigs and lace front wigs have different look. The human hair full lace wig has a entire lace base, all the hair strands are knotted into the hole of lace, while lace front wig only has a piece of lace on the front of the wig, the wig cap can contains more hair strands sewed onto it than full lace wig. So the lace front human hair wig look thicker than full lace wig with same density.

4. Choose the density based on the wig length

Hair length should be considered as well when selecting density. If you want to choose 14 inches wig, 120% or 130% density would be better, if you picking the 180% density, the wig should be longer than 22 inches.

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