Wig Cap Size Choosing Guide - How To Measure Your Head Size & Find Your Wig Cap Size?
2020/2/29 19:20:35

Wig Cap Size Choosing Guide - How To Measure Your Head Size & Find Your Wig Cap Size?

Although all current wigs are adjustable, you need to measure your head circumference before buying a wig in order to get the most suitable wig, as most manufacturers identify cache sizes differently. Use this wig measurements guide to help you identify the size of the wig's cup circumference, featuring Lace Front Wig or Full Lace Wigs.

How To Choose The Right Wig Cap Size?

To choose the best suitable wig for yourself, you should first measure your head circumference to o find your cup size for a wig or hairpiece.

Measure your head size

  • Measure your head circumference using a soft cloth or plastic tape measure.
  • Place one end in the middle of your forehead (just touch the front of your hair)
  • Wrap the remaining strip around the back of your head just above your neck scalp, at the back of your ears
  • Go by the neck, then go back behind your left ear.
  • Flip it down the middle of your forehead, join the starting point of the front.

More Tips For Taking Your Head Size Measurements

  • If you have hair, make sure it is flattened, straightened or braided, with or without a protective cap.
  • If you take a tulle beanie (cups A, B, C, D, E) and if in doubt in your measurements, add half a centimeter or round to the upper decimal place. It is indeed preferable to have a wig slightly larger than too small.
  • If you have a lot of hair, take into account the thickness of hair that will be under the hat.
  • If you want to stick your wig, take into account the part to stick beyond your line of demarcation and add half a centimeter to your measurements.
  • If you have no hair and want a thin skin or silicone cap, you need to take your measurements as closely as possible so that your wig is perfectly adjusted. For example, you can repeat the measurements of a wig that you have, the one that suits you best.
  • If this is your first wig, take your measurements by tightening according to the support you want. Pay attention to measure 6 (neck size) which must be adjusted according to the head circumference. Here is a table to guide you. This is a table of the averages found for measures 2,3, 4 and 5 according to the head circumference.


Find Out Your Wig Cap Size

The lace wigs offered at JustVirginHair.Com are adjustable and adjustable manually to allow you to match a “Standard”, “Small” or “Large” size. Take this measurement and compare your measurement result to choose your category.

  • Small size (small) = from 52 cm to 54 cm
  • Medium size = from 55 cm to 57 cm
  • Large size (wide) = from 58 cm to 60 cm

Ex: Your head measurement gives you a result of 56 cm: this corresponds to the "Medium" size

If you want to get more accurate dimensions, use the lace wig size chart below to help you choose the right size for your wig cap! 1inch = 2.54cm

Wig SizeCup Size Circumference (Inch)Front To Nape (Inch)Ear to Ear Across Forehead(Inch)Ear to Ear Over Top (inch)Temple to Temple Round Back (inch)Nape of Neck (inch)
Child / Ultra-Small (XS)20-20.5"12-12.5"10-10.5"10.5-11"12.5-13"4-4.5"
Small (S)21-21.5"13-13.5"11"11.5-11.75"13-13.5"4.5-5"
Medium (M)22-22.5"14-14.5"12-12.5"12.5-13"14.5-15"5-5.5"
Large (L)23-23.5"15-15.5"12.5-13"13-13.5"15-15.5"5.5-6"