Why Chinese Wigs Are Selling Well in European and American Markets?
2019/12/3 10:53:59

Why Chinese Wigs Are Selling Well in European and American Markets?

In recent years, wigs made in China have been selling well in the European and American markets. Chinese wig exports account for more than 70% of global supply, and Europe and the United States, as the main consumer regions of wigs, have become China ’s largest market for wigs, accounting for more than 40.26 in exports. Why are Chinese wigs so popular in European and American markets, or in Europe and the United States? JVH, as the leader of wig factory in China, will unveil the charm of Chinese wigs.

The wig can not only make up for physiological defects such as hair loss and hair loss, but also can be used in hair accessories, hairdressing, and hairdressing. It is also a necessity to meet the needs of special occupations (such as performing arts and lawyers). Especially in European and American countries, wigs have become an indispensable accessory, and setting up and wearing wigs has become a trend. People choose various or exaggerated, soft, or curly wigs according to different occasions. The first thing to consider when wearing a wig is that it is naturally shiny, so that the wig perfectly matches your natural hair without any sense of conflict. So choose a good wig to get value for money. So which wig is the best choice? The answer is of course Chinese wigs! Why China Wigs are so popular in American and European market?

High Quality and Fashionable Style

Whether it is a human hair wig or a chemical fiber wig, Chinese wigs are produced using high-quality, non-polluting raw materials. Wig companies import high-quality human hair from around the world, such as India, Malaysia, Brazil, and Peru. The production technology and quality of Chinese wigs are among the best in the world. For example, JVH's Virgin Hair Wigs are made of 100% human virgin hair that has not been treated with chemicals. It does not fade, does not depilate, and can be ironed and dyed to make it easy for the wearer to make various favorite hairstyles. In addition to high quality, the design of Chinese wigs has also promoted local fashion trends in Africa. Wig companies have specially designed various wavy curls and various types of trendy straight hair. In addition, Chinese wigs are easy to wear and have a long life cycle!

 European and American Markets

Competitive and Profitable Prices

The low labor cost of wigs made in China ensures that Chinese wigs can be wholesaled and sold at the most competitive prices in the global market. For example, in JVH, whether you are engaged in wig agency or wig retail, you can use less than Buy large quantities of wigs at many prices in your local market. However, the prices of domestic suppliers in Europe and the United States are high, and the average cost of a set of wigs in the United States is 500 to 600 US dollars, while the average price of wig products produced by Chinese companies is only about 100 US dollars. Americans buy Chinese wig products, even if they add DIY care costs, they only need 300 US dollars, which can save half of the money.

Timely Delivery for Mass Production

There are a lot of artificial and material resources for making wigs. In China, there are hundreds of hair products companies with a certain scale, thousands of individual production households, and nearly 300,000 employees in the hair product industry chain, making it the world's largest hair product production and processing base. Chinese high-end wig manufacturers and human hair vendors, such as JVH, have strong wig production capacity, and can be exported to various countries in the world in a timely manner, whether it is a small batch purchase or a large batch of customized label production. So if you order a universal product in stock, it can be reached within 2-3 by fast shipping.

 European and American Markets