Which Hair Extensions Damage Your Natural Hair The Least - Best Extension To Choose
2020/3/19 17:34:47

Hair extensions are an accessory that has become very popular in recent years, because it makes you look beautiful. In addition, they are very practical when it comes to dressing up, if you have little time. However, along with the use of them some concerns have arisen. There are women who wonder: Do extensions damage hair? Are they harmful in any way? And if it were true that some people have not been well suited to certain extensions, how can I know which extensions damage the hair less? Do not be mortified, your doubts are normal, and here you can clear them.

Should I Have Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions, in fact, don't mistreat you. The only thing that could harm your scalp would be the wrong placement of them. If you always place them in the same area of the head, continuous stress could occur in the same area, causing you to weaken and lose your hair after a while.

So it is not true that extensions mistreat hair. That idea has perhaps been fueled by people who did not know how to place the extensions in the right way. If not, ask yourself: if it is true that extensions damage hair, why do so many women use them?

Which Method of Hair Extensions Damage Hair The Least?

As you saw, extensions do not harm your hair unless they are positioned correctly. That is why it is good to know what type of hair extensions you want to use, how to put them on and, above all, how to maintain them. This way you will avoid any type of inconvenience that could generate a bad placement.

Tape-In Adhesive Hair Extensions

These extensions are very quick to put on and take off. It consists of small strips of hair that are placed throughout the head. They are applied with an adhesive tape that is already incorporated. They are placed on both sides of a lock of your hair, so that what appears to be a sandwich is formed with an adhesive tape on each side of the lock. They are the most comfortable and cheapest fixed extensions on the market and last between 6 to 12 weeks. After that time you can remove and replace them with new tapes.

Do sticky extensions damage hair? Not in any way. This type of extensions comes with a surgical grade adhesive that does not cause any allergies, and can be easily removed with an extension remover solvent. The remover is of natural origin, so it is not aggressive on the skin or hair. It also leaves no residue. Click this guide to learn how to apply and remove Tape in extensions.

Clip-In Hair Extensions

When it comes to removable extensions, clip-on ones are the most versatile and effective you can find. You just have to place them between your hair, and close the clips. They will remain securely in place as long as you need. Its maintenance is very simple and economical.

These extensions must be removed before sleeping. Since you do not sleep with them, traction is not generated in the hair at bedtime, thus reducing the risks of your own hair falling out. Check out this guide to learn how to apply and remove clip-in extensions.

Weave Sew In Hair Extensions

The sewn curtain extensions are very easy to install. The best thing is that you can put the sewn curtain extensions with different placement systems: braided, sewn and with rings. Even if you try these systems and they do not convince you, you can sew some hair clips and you will have temporary extensions. That is why they are so popular because of their versatility. They are actually the most used. That leads us to the conclusion that it is not true that stitched extensions harm hair. Otherwise, who would use them?


Keratin-bond Hair Extensions

No type of extension represents a danger to your hair. However, if by a bad placement there are people who say that the extensions damage the hair, it is normal that it gives you a certain fear. In that case what you can do is avoid keratin, by using the glue. So you stay calmer. But if you decide to use them, you can take the precaution of leaving a prudent space between the extension and the scalp, such as a centimeter and a half or two. This will prevent the keratin from approaching your scalp.

Keratin extensions have multiple advantages such as flexibility. These extensions allow you to have 100% mobility at the root, which means that you can do countless hairstyles, and keratin does not harm your hair. And, without a doubt, they are the ones that give a more natural appearance.

Which Material of Hair Extensions Are Less Damaging To Hair, Synthetic or Human Hair?

Another question that may come to mind when you are thinking of using extensions to achieve excellent hairstyle, which extensions are less damaging to hair, natural hair or synthetic? Well, considering that synthetic extensions tangle much more than natural ones, they could tangle with your hair. If that happens it can cause your hair to break when trying to untangle them. For this reason, it is better to avoid synthetic extensions and use natural ones, since natural remy hair extensions will not tangle more than your own hair.

Human hair extensions are the most popular choice because of the natural finish it gives your appearance and the versatility they provide. If you want you can dye, dry or iron them. However, synthetic extensions cannot be dyed or ironed. These are created with a fiber that is the product of various chemical processes to achieve the texture and appearance of natural hair. However, they fail to 100% resemble natural hair.

If you want extensions that cannot be differentiated from your own hair, that last longer and that can be dyed or styled with heat, choose 100% human hair extensions, without blends.

Proper Maintenance Reduce The Damage of Hair Extensions To Your Hair

You must bear in mind that to prevent the extensions from damaging the hair in any way, you must give them proper maintenance. This can make the difference between having beautiful and vibrant hair extensions to having tangled and sloppy looking extensions that can dull your hair. Keep in mind then:

  • Wash the extensions with a mild shampoo. Then apply a conditioner and gradually untangle any knots they may have.
  • Avoid applying strong chemicals to natural hair extensions. For example, choose ammonia-free dyes.
  • Do not rub the extensions vigorously with a towel. You should dry them gently with something that is not too rough. This will make them last longer.
  • Remember to brush your hair extensions with a "Pull-Free" Tangle Teezer brush to help maintain it properly.

More Tips On Reducing Risks of Hair Extensions

As you have seen, there are many types of hair extensions, and none pose a real risk to your natural hair. However, if you want to reduce any possibility of abuse immediately, you should only be careful with certain aspects such as the following:

  • Take the time necessary to place them, which varies according to the type of extension you use. Without they are extensions of easy placement there is no problem. But if they are extensions that take time to put on, don't despair. It is better to take a little while and be left with a beautiful mane than with an unfavorable result.
  • First check that you are not allergic to any type of hair glue. This does not usually happen much, but it is also important to be forewarned.
  • If you have had any hair problem before, it is recommended that you consult a professional in the matter, to avoid any damage to your natural hair, and thus use these beautiful extensions without fear.

The reality is that extensions are a product that in recent years has become a trend that is within everyone's reach. Thanks to its diversity, you can choose the ones that you like the most. Choose the top quality human hair bundles such as the 100% virgin hair bundles from JVH for your extensions, you will not only get the great looking hairstyle, but also have no worries about your natural hair.