What Is Remy Human Hair? Get Know The Features & Advantages of Remy Hair
2020/3/16 14:32:34

In the hair industry, remy human hair is considered the top tier of all human hair wigs. So is it really the best well? We did some digging to find out exactly what remy hair means and why it's so sought-after even though it's more expensive. We want you to know all the facts too so you can buy with confidence.

What Is Remy Human Hair?

Remy hair, what it simply means is the cuticle is still intact and all the hair is going one direction. The term remy only applies to the way the hair has been gathered from the donor and how that same bundle of hair is then been processed. This doesn't represent anything about the grade or quality of the hair, that's an important distinction. The creation of remy human hair is in the process of collecting the hair and keeping it in bundles as it was cut. This keeps the cuticles running in the same direction and helps to lessen tangling.

Once the wig is made because all the cuticles lay neatly next to each other, the cuticles is the outer layer and protects each strand of hair. It is made up of transparent cells which sort of looks like shingles on a roof that lay in overlapping patterns and all travel in the same direction. If the cuticle of each strand is not running in the same direction, there will be severe tangling because they get caught in each other and they won't look smooth. The gathering and processing of remy hair, cleaning, dyeing and then making the wig with these bundles is very costly, this is why remy hair is generally more expensive. Nothing moves like great quality hair and when it's Remy you have an even smoother look to your style but keep in mind you may not always need the highest quality hair or remy hair for that matter it is all up to you and your knees.

Human Hair structure

The Advantages of 100% Remy Human Hair

So is remy human hair better? Yes, but remember it's only better if the origin and grade of the hair is top quality, according to softness and shine. We can classify Remy natural hair, which is the most sought after hair on the market. Buying human hair is an investment, now you have the facts to make an informed decision that is right for you. 100% Remy natural hairs have several advantages:

  • Remy Hair does not tangle (because the cuticles are intact).
  • Remy Hair stands out for their softness and shine.
  • Remy Hair retains and maintains volume for a long time.
  • Remy Hair lasts longer.
  • Remy Hair wigs are of better quality compared to wigs made of synthetic fibers.
Remy Human Hair

How Long Does Remy Hair Last?

  • Regarding the lifespan of Remy hair, it depends greatly on the merchant. Indeed, it is very variable due to the points that we have mentioned previously.
  • Some extensions will last 6 months while others will last you a month. This past period, extensions will tend to get tangled easily, especially behind the neck.
  • You will then need to use hair care products every day to undo the knots and restore their shine.

Remy Human Hair vs. Non-Remy Human Hair Differences

Remy Human Hair: To understand the difference between Remy and non remy hair, it is important to understand composition of a hair strand. Each hair is made of a medulla, cortex and cuticle. The cuticle is the outermost layer of the hair, made up of hard shingle like cells that provide protection to the inner layers of the hair. Naturally growing biological hair grows with the cuticles running in the same direction from root to tip. When the sourced hair is cut, the bundle of hair must be kept with the cuticle running in the same direction to be considered remy hair.

Non-Remy Hair: It is hair that is collected from multiple sources and cannot guarantee the cuticle was running in the same direction. For this reason, the hair is treated to partially remove the cuticle, if this process is not done properly matting and inversion will occur.

Remy Human Hair cuticle
Non-Remy Human Hair cuticle

Remy Hair vs. Virgin Hair Differences

Remy Hair can be “Virgin” (without any coloring process) or having been dyed.

Colored Remy Hair: are natural hair also called Human hair which have undergone color treatments in order to offer you all possible hair colors, tie and dye, scans… This hair is more fragile than virgin hair because it undergoes chemical treatments. It's like comparing hair that has never been dyed or straightened to raw virgin hair that has never been dyed, it is obvious that the beauty of the hair will not be the same.

Virgin Hair: are hair that has not undergone any chemical treatment (coloring). Hair colors are limited. For those who prefer light hair: light brown, dark blonde, light blonde ... you should choose European or Brazilian virgin hair. And yes, Asian donors have dark hair like Malaysian hair and Indian hair! Actually Virgin hair is considered the best human hair materials for wigs and hair extensions, better than remy hair, since the most of unprocessed hair's cuticle is unbroken and kept in the same direction. What’s more, the virgin hair offered on Justvirginhair.com can be dyed, curled, straightened and styled freely.