What Is Capless Wig (Basic Cap Wig)? Get Know Its Features & Benefits
2020/4/24 20:11:18

Capless wigs, also called Basic cap construction, has been around for many years and is still a very popular choice, they are the most common and most affordable cap constructions on the market today. What is the capless wig and why it is popular in the market? Follow us to find out its advantages.


What Is Capless Wig (Basic Cap Wig)?

A capless wig, is called different things depending on the manufacturer such as basic cap wig or open cap wig. is made up of several rows of hair sewn together. It does not have a solid underlying cap. Hair wefts are sewn on thin cotton or lace ribbons, instead of being placed over a hair cap. These ribbons are then built together on the wig. The ribbons are flexible and stretchable, so they can fit the wearer's head. At the nape of the neck, you can have thin hooks or specific straps that are used to hold the wig in place. So capless wig can be identified by the open wefted top, sides and back. The adjustable straps are made of velcro. Capless wigs keep your head cooler than other types of wigs. This is due to the fact that it is made with less hair and that its specific construction without a cap allows air to circulate in the head and scalp.

At the top of the basic cap construction, you will find the top part and crown area is usually made of closed lace which needs to be camouflage so it doesn't show through to the top scalp area. For this, a technique of tightly teasing the hair creates permit ease at the base in order to hide the top material. 

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Should I Buy A Capless Wigs? What Advantages It Has? Let's sum up the pros and cons of the capless wig (basic cap wig) for you:

Capless Wig Advantages (Pros):

  • Open construction makes it breathable and allows the air to circulate while you're wearing your wig.

  • It is lightweight, breathable, cool, and comfortable to wear all day long.

  • Slight pre teasing at the roots gives a style volume and lift at the crown.

  • Fewer materials are used, more affordable than other types of wigs.

  • They are ideal for bald people who want a natural and light effect.

  • So abstain cool is your goal basic cap wig is a great and the most affordable choice.

  • Easy to put on and wear

Capless Wig Disadvantages (Cons):

  • The main disadvantage of wigs without caps arises on their outfit. They are easy to detach, sometimes without wanting to, and therefore not suitable for dancing and partying. 

  • You can not part it on whichever side, so it’s only parted on the side that you receive it on.

  • You may feel the tightly teasing gives a matted look at the part, this could be seen as a negative. But it's not visible on most styles, as the technique gives a full look that doesn't show much at the scalp.

In conclusion, with the basic cap construction, you get the affordability and a cool lightweight experience.