Wearing Hats With Wigs - How To Wear A Hat Over Wigs
2020/3/7 17:53:05

Accessorizing your style is the easiest way to change up your everyday look. The hats with human hair wigs can help you expand your accessory drawers and they can provide you with the perfect cover-up. If you've ever worn a hat with a wig, you know how uncomfortable it can really be. In order to help you fix this issue, Justvirginhair.com presents a few tips you can wear hats with your favorite styles. While some parents carry wigs that already have hats sewn onto them, wearing a hat on top of any weight that you own may be a better option for you.

Wearing Hats With Wigs - Tips On How To Wear Hat Over A Wig

Wearing a hat on top of your wig can be a conundrum. In the summer when your wig is already making you overheat, hats can make you feel even hotter. Wearing a hat on a wig can make you itchy or sweaty, and it can definitely mess with your style. In the winter when you need something on your head to stay warm, wigs aren’t quite warm enough. But wearing a winter hat on top of your wig can be disastrous when it comes time to take off the hat. Follow these tips to stylishly and safely wear a hat over your wig.

Tips for wearing hats with wigs (no matter for lace front wig, transparent lace front wig or classic wig)

  1. The first step is buying the right type of hat. Hats made of heavier materials can add a lot of heat to your head. No matter the season, be sure to choose something lightweight.
  2. Forcing your hat down on top of your wig isn't the best way to secure it into place, from then on if the hat moves, so will your wig choose a hat with a larger cap size, you can lightly place it on top of any wig avoiding damage.
  3. Keep in mind that even if you buy have one size too big, when taking it off your wig still may move, wearing anything on top of your wig can cause it to become frizzy or tangled beyond repair. To avoid the smooth your hair backwards before applying the hat, to avoid cold set flattening the rope, also be sure to use a daily condition and protect spray on your wigs beforehand to prevent any damage to delicate fibers or hand tied knots.
  1. When removing your hat from your wig firmly, press one finger on top of the front hairline of your piece and gently pull off the hat in a backwards direction, the smooth back top should fall forward with all the volume you had when it was originally covered.
  2. If here's someone who can't keep cool in a wig hock combo, no matter what, a hair piece may be right for you, the headband base has hair, only attached to the outer rim so the top of your head can be free and keep cool all day long, simply apply the piece of sew and place your hat of choice on top allowing for a stylish touch to any head wear.