Top 5 Popular Wigs & Hairpieces Styles - Most Beautiful Wigs Recommendation
2019/12/9 15:12:37

Some people will face the problem of hair loss, because of the age, pressure, nutritional deficiency or other reasons, wigs provide a very effective solution for this and help people find the confidence again. Hairpieces and hair extensions are also a tool to realize beautiful and unique style. Then what kind of wigs are popular and suitable for daily wearing? Here we brings recommended best wigs for you.

5 Popular Wigs and Hairpieces Styles - Beautiful Wigs Recommendation

1. Blonde/Brown Big Long Wavy Wig

Long, soft, blonde or brown big wavy wig can be said as a must-have hairstyle, the beauty of long wavy wig is that it naturally waves and relaxes, well-styled and available in multiple hair types, textures, and colors, the most popular ones is the blonde or light brown wave, which is shiny under the sunlight, shows elegance like goddess. You can choose a long wig with only wavy tips, shoulder length blonde wavy wig with natural wavy bangs or extra long and large fluffy waves.

2. Short Bob Wig With Bangs

Short hair is trendy now, if you are afraid of regret after cutting it, try a short wig at this time, for the beginners to pick a wig for the first time, wigs with bangs are recommended as they only need low maintenance and look realistic. The normal length of the bangs is not limited to flat bangs, like oblique bangs are also very fashionable, there are diverse of short wigs with bangs for your selection. For example, straight short bob wig, very popular and classic style, and easier to control, it looks natural, if you wear it occasionally or to see if it is suitable for short hair, you can choose it; or fluffy wavy bob wig, various shapes, with buckle air bangs, cute and stylish, girls with little hair or want to try to see if you are suitable for short hair, you can choose this.

3. Straight Center Part Lace Wig

If you are tired of waiting your hair to grow long, why not try a straight long wig? Long straight center part lace wig is very elegant, it's also beginner-friendly because it can almost be worn directly out of the package, you don't need to customize it a little. Have you dream of beautiful and soft long straight hair? Center part extra long straight wig can satisfy you, dark and thick hair pours down, smooth and not frizzy, healthy, feeling good, uniform and shiny, long lasting lifespan, you can comb it to the end one time. Styling versatility are allowed based on the straight wig.

4. High Density Curly Wig or Deep Curly Wig

High density curly wig is very popular in African, the texture of the wig matched with the lace closure to make this wig look like real hair grown from your scalp. The high density curly wig is enough thick and beautiful, suitable for multiple face shapes. But the deep curly wig need more maintenance to retain the textures. You can choose different densities, including 100% density, 150% density, 200%, 250% density, etc., or different depths, such as 8 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch, 14 inch, 16 inch, 26 inch and more.

5. Extra Short Wig or Ear Length Short Hair Wig

Have your tired of taking care of long hair or wigs? Do you want to have a cool summer? The ear length short hair wig is the best choice for you, easy to wear and take off, low maintenance, don't worry about short hair make you look older, actually, there are a variety of youthful haircut styles, you will look neat, cool, capable and chic. You can choose highlight dye to emphasize the texture and three-dimensional feeling of curly hair or simple and refreshing neutral short straight hair.