Tips and Tricks of Caring for Human Hair Wigs - How to Wash and Dry Your Wigs
2019/12/3 10:52:48

Tips and Tricks of Caring for Human Hair Wigs - How to Wash and Dry Your Wigs

Human hair wigs which are made with virgin hair have natural look and feel like the real hair, but if the wig does not have proper maintenance, it's easy to be dry and stiff. How to wash and dry the human hair wigs, hairpieces or hair extensions? Let's learn about the tips and tricks of caring for wigs.

Tips and Tricks of Caring for Wigs

The maintenance of human hair wigs involves many aspects, you need to wash your wigs regularly and dry it properly to expand its lifespan.

How to wash human hair wigs?

  1. - Prepare a pot of mild or cold clean water
  2. Use a wide-tooth comb to gently comb the wig to make it smooth and get rid of the entanglement
  3. Apply a certain amount of clarifying shampoo on your wig, rinse it with water
  4. Apply proper amount of conditioner, leave it for several minutes.
  5. Rinse your wig thoroughly with clean warm water, remove all the shampoos and conditioner.
  6. Use a dry and clean soft towel to dry the wig.
How to Wash and Dry Your Wigs

Tips for washing & cleaning human hair wigs or virgin hair wigs

  • Wash your human hair wigs according to how often you wear it, if you wearing it almost every day, wash it once about 25-30 days, if the wearing frequency is not high, wash it about two months or longer.
  • Comb your wigs through and remove the entanglement before washing, to avoid wigs tangled together. Please use a wide-tooth comb and start from the ends.
  • Use cold water or mild water to clean, don't use too hot water or soak the wig.
  • You can dip your human wig into bleach, to remove the dirt, sweat and oil from wigs.
  • Ammonia can neutralize the bleach.
  • Rinse the wig under running water, use a small drop of quality shampoo and comb your wig from top to bottom.
  • Don't rub the hair or scalp, don't twist or wring to make it dry.
How to Wash and Dry Your Wigs

How to dry human hair wigs?

  1. Squeeze extra water on the wig from top to bottom after cleaning, in one direction.
  2. Don't use a blow dryer to dry your wig.
  3. Dry your hair gently with a soft towel, absorb the moisture from your wig.
  4. Let the wig dry naturally in a ventilated place.
  5. Do not place the wig in a dark and humid place or in strong sunlight.
  6. Do not release your wig in a hot or dangerous place.