Methods To Fit Long Thick Hair Under Wig - How To Wear A Wig With Long Hair?
2020/4/22 18:13:52

How to wear wig on long hair? If you are inquiring about this problem, it means that you actually want to know how to fit your long and thick hair under the wig. In today's article, JVH will introduce some very practical methods to help long-haired beauties wear wigs perfectly. This tutorials are great for all sorts of hairstyle and is easy enough even for beginners.

How To Fit Long & Thick Hair Under Wig?

Don’t think that wigs are just the favorite of short hair or people who suffer from hair loss. With the development of wig styling, more and more people use wigs to temporarily experience different fashion styles. However, when wearing a wig on long and thick hair, the challenge is how to hide the drip of your hair, and wear the wig with a beautiful and natural effect. Here we will introduce several ways to hide your hair and get a flat head for applying wigs.

Wear Wig On Long Hair Method 1: Braid Your Long Hair

For very long, unruly hair, braid your hair into two French braids that sit tight against the scalp. Cross them at the nape of your neck and secure them at the top and bottom with hair clips. How to do:

  1. Divide hair into two sections
  2. Plait one of the sections, the braid should be firm but not too right.
  3. Secure with a thin hair band
  4. Repeat for the second section
  5. Wrap one of the plaits around the back of your head and bobby pin in place
  6. Wrap the second plait in the opposite direction
  7. If you have longer hair then me, you can continue to wind the hair around the head in circles
  8. Try to avoid overlapping the plaits
  9. Cover hair with a wig cap (we recommend a nylon wig cap rather than a mesh one, as it will help to flatten the hair)
  10. You can add a second cap to help flatten the hair even more
  11. Put the wig on

Wear Wig On Long Hair Method 2 - Use Two Nylon Caps

If you don't want to braid your hair, and you have a long and long method, using a mesh cap can also hide the hair under the wig. How to do:

  1. Smooth your hair back into a low tight ponytail (like as a low to your neck as possible)
  2. Put on a skin color wig cap on your head
  3. Tuck your own hair into the wig cap, don’t worry about it looking bulky, you can fix that later
  4. Mush your hair around into the wig cap
  5. Take another wig cap and apply it to head from back to front
  6. Make sure all your hair is covered and put on your wig

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Wear Wig On Long Hair Method 3 - Use A Mesh Cap With Hole

There’s no braids and pin curls, it’s a useful way that whether you have really long hair or actually this even works with really short hair, which can help you get your hair into a wig cap and have something sturdy for your wig to latch onto. The key to this that’s different than before is we have a mesh wig cap with a big hole in the other end, and a hairband use to keep your wig from sliding. How to do:

  1. Put the mesh wig cap into the neck and comb the hair back. (The new bought hairnet would be tighter, support it big and fit it in your neck.)
  2. Pull the hair mesh cap to the top of your head, and press the side with the elastic band to the hairline
  3. Lift the side with hole and flatten the hair into the mesh cap through the hole, don't pile the hair up.
  4. Smash it around on your head until it is as flat as possible
  5. Closing up the hole by twist the wig cap around here (lift the end with the hole and twist 360 degrees)
  6. Then pull the rest part of the mesh cap back over your head
  7. Still adjust if you’ve got it lumpy in some areas
  8. Loop the hairband around your head which can secure your wig in place
  9. Put on your wig