Lash Extensions Aftercare & Maintenance - How To Take Care Of Your Eyelash Extensions
2019/12/18 15:42:31

Eyelash Extensions Maintenance & Aftercare

Getting eyelash extensions can make your eyes pop, stunning and sexy. But, if you don't pay attention to the daily habits, cleaning and maintenance of lashes after you getting beautiful eyelash extensions, it is easy to cause messy and falling off of eyelashes. Then how to take care of your lash extensions to make sure that they last as long as they can? In this article, we will detail the particulars of how to keep care eyelash extensions properly, by explaining lash extension care tips and all the dos and don’ts.

How To Maintain Lash Extensions - Tips To Care For Eyelash Extensions For First-Timers

No water For 24-48 Hours When You Get Lash Extensions

This includes excessive sweating, a steam room, a sauna, any excessive water or sweat on the eyes will make those lashes come off and the glue is not gonna have time to set no facials for the first couple days.

Clean & Wash Lash Extensions Daily

Cean off those natural oils that your body has and your face produces and that really helps for them to stay on longer. But also to avoid infection and any sort of irritation that it could cause if there is any dirt buildup. So after washing the lashes, this is something that just recommend to people blow-dry the eyelashes so you can use a blow dryer and you can put it on the cool setting and make sure it's on the cool setting and the low setting, and just blow-dry your lashes upwards. When they're blow-drying,brush them in-between and this really helps to get them nice and dry and also clean and curly.

Avoid Dirty Hands

If you have dirty hands, those germs are going into your eyes and can cause bacteria build up especially in lash extensions, because there's just so many more of them and it's harder to get that clean, and all of that bacteria can build up and that can cause infections absolutely.

Avoid Waterproof Eye Products

No waterproof mascara or eyeliner strictly, because it's gonna be super hard to take off, you're gonna be rubbing your eyes, you're gonna lose a ton of lashes and the liner. If you don't get it all off, it can build up same with mascara, it can build up and create bacteria and all of the and can create so much irritation on the eye.

Gently Brush Lashes Extensions All The Time

Make sure that you is brushing lashes all the time. Brushing your lashes is gonna help because any lashes that have shed will come out with it, brush at least like twice a day or even once a day which would be awesome.

Using Oil-Free Products

Using products no oil-based products on the skin around the eyes or on the eyelashes, absolutely no oil-based makeup remover or anything like that around that area, it's gonna take your lashes right off, it just breaks down the glue and will just come right out. Make sure that you’re not pointing downwards on to your lashes with the hot setting, because this will straightened out the lash extensions but could also kind of melt the glue together if it's too hot on that area.

Avoid Steam

Not put your face really close to the oven or like really close to a really big steamy pot of pasta or something like that. Because if you get too close it is gonna singe the eyelashes and also could clump the glue together if there's a lot of heat involved with it.

Sleep On Your Back

Not shoving your face into a pillow overwhelm your eyelashes, as your lashes will deform, break or fall off. It’s recommended to sleep on your back as much as possible.

Don’t Pick Or Pull Lashes

After half of the eyelash extensions fall off, the remaining eyelashes are not in good shape. At this time, do not pull and remove them by yourself. Forcibly removing them will damage your original eyelashes. You must go to the shop and ask a professional eyelashist to remove them!