Lace Wigs Washing Tips - How To Wash Your (Human Hair & Synthetic) Lace Wigs Properly?
2019/12/27 17:46:00

Lace Wigs Washing Tips - How To Wash Your (Human Hair & Synthetic) Lace Wigs Properly?

Our lace wig has been very important part of us like our real natural hair and deserves attention! The hair of a lace wig especially 100% human hair wigs, like real hair, needs to be washed, but not in the same way. It is therefore important to get know how to shampoo your lace wig properly.

The hair of which it is composed has a permeable "living" biological structure which swells when it is charged with water, dries up when it is dehydration, tarnishes when inappropriate products are used and becomes rough when it is damaged. You must pay special attention to cleaning your wig to keep it because its average lifespan is about 10 to 12 months even 1.5 years such as JVH Human Hair Wigs. In order to obtain full satisfactory results and sufficient duration from your expensive lace wig, here are some precautions should be taken when shampooing.

Do Not Wash To Often - How Often Should I Wash My Lace Wig?

Funny to start a post on "how to wash your lace wig" by advising you not to wash them too often! We advise you to wash it every 10 to 15 uses if you wear it occasionally or once a week if you wear it daily, do a second weekly wash only if you feel your hair less soft and less easy to style due to the accumulation of care products. But it also depends on you and your environment: the number of hours worn, the smells, the smoke, the season, your perspiration, etc. In addition, when shampooing, a single “soak” is enough, you will save product and your lace hair will not be less clean!

Do Not Rub or Draw On The Hair of Your Lace Wig During Washing

Even for those who do not wear a wig, it is advisable to rub only the scalp and not the hair. Why ? Because they will get tangled and require you to use a brush to untangle them. And brushing the hair when it is wet is not good for their lace knots.

So How To Wash Lace Wig?

  1. Brush and detangle - Before washing your wig, gently detangle it with an anti-static brush if you have a synthetic hair wig. If your wigs are natural hair, detangle them with a wooden brush for straight hair or a comb with wide teeth or even with your fingers if the hair is curly, wavy or curly, starting at roots to the ends and working your way up.
  2. Put lukewarm water in a basin or sink - Use a properly sized sink and put in enough cold water to ensure that the wig can be completely submerged in water.
  3. Put a small amount of shampoo - Pour the right amount of shampoo into the water, stir until the shampoo is completely absorbed into the water to lathering. Remember that: The shampoo should be mixed with water and not put directly on the wig.
  1. Soak your wig for 20 minutes - Dip your lace wig into the water, let it bathe for about 10-20 minutes or you can also take it out of the water and put it back in several times (like a cloth) but always with care.
  2. Rinse - Then rinse it thoroughly under cold water in the direction of the hair until the shampoo is completely eliminated. Repeat this step 2 times in a row.
  3. Air dry or blow dry - Fixing your wig using pins to prick on a polystyrene head (fix the needles on the cotton parts of the hat), then fit your polystyrene head to a suitable suction cup. For natural human hair lace wigs, you can use a hair dryer to dry your wig, but it must be at a medium or low temperature to avoid thermal damage to your hair. For artificial fiber wigs that cannot withstand heat treatment, we recommend that they be dried in a ventilated place.

Rinse Your Human Hair Lace Wig With Plenty of Water

It is important not to leave any residue of products on the lace wig. If there is shampoo or conditioner left, the hair may be sticky and the scales will rub against each other. Result: all-electric hair that gets tangled easily! You will feel that something is wrong by sliding your hands into your hair. We advise you to do a second rinse in this case. Your freshly washed and dried lace wig should be light and the hair soft, silky, pleasant to the touch and without tangles!

Use Sulfate-Free Shampoo To Wash Lace Wigs

Sulfates (like sodium Laureth Sulfates) are sometimes very powerful detergents which certainly remove grime but also the protective lipid film from the wig. These surfactants are present in everything that washes, such as washing up liquid or detergent, and we don't want it on our beautiful lace wigs! They are therefore to be avoided on our wigs and our skin. Prefer rather Sodium Coco Sulfate and Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, both of plant origin and gentler on hair in addition to their detangling action.

Mack a Tangle Treatment

Detangling hair is a crucial step not to be avoided. If the washing active ingredients of the shampoo open the scales, the detangler will smooth them out and soften them. It is for this reason that the hair is easier to handle during this stage. You can therefore brush the hair of your wig with a wide tooth comb or a flat brush starting from the bottom up and without forcing if you feel resistance. It should be smooth and slide!

Make a Co-Wash With Conditioner (Detangle) Regularly

Precisely, this precious detangler can sometimes be used to wash the hair in place of the usual shampoo. Yes, you read correctly ! It is possible to wash the hair of your wig just with detangler. It's called co-wash. It works, it really washes the hair but gently. They become resplendent and nourished! The co-wash is particularly recommended on wavy and curly hair. We advise you to co-wash the first shampoo of your lace wig, then once or twice a month alternating with a normal shampoo (no sulfates of course!). Thorough rinsing is essential after a detangling wash.

By following these tips and using good quality products, be confident, your lace wig will appreciate!