Lace Wigs Curling Methods & Tips: How To Curl (Perm) Human Hair Wig?
2020/2/23 19:35:54

How to curl a human hair wig? How can I perm a wig without heat damage? There are several useful ways and tips to curl (wave) a straight wig easily and safely!

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Human hair wigs give you a gorgeous and natural look, but wearing the same hairstyle for a long time could be boring, so you want to try something new and fresh. If you've invested a straight wig and tired of the old chic, why waste your money on another curly wig? Instead, you can curl your human hair wig like curling your own hair, but you need to be careful to avoid damaging it. In this article, we'll go over how to wave human hair wig, and what tips and tricks you can use to get chic and charming waves avoiding ruin your lace wigs.

How Curl (Perm) A Human Hair Wig Without Any Damage?

Can I curl my straight human hair wig? Although some people worry that styling their favorite wigs can cause irreparable heat damage, by following a few tricks, human hair wigs can be curled and permed like your own hair safely, no longer having blown, broken or melted hair. To help you get cute new wave styles with little or no money, here are some super simple and safe human hair wig curl tutorials.

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Curl Human Hair Wig By Braiding Hair

This is the fastest and easiest way to curl a straight hair wig, but remember that curled styling can only be maintained for a short time. If you just want to have a temporary curly look, this one-time way to curl your hair is ideal.

How To Use Braided Hair To Curl Human Hair Wig?

Tools required: styrofoam head, hair band, hairdryer

  • 1. Wash Your Wig - In order to enhance the curl effect, wash the wig before weaving

  • 2. Fix Your Wig Over A Styrofoam Head: Place your human hair wig over the styrofoam head and secure it with sewing pins or T-pins. 

  • 3. Remove Tangles On Your Wig - Gently brush your human hair wig with wide-toothed comb or a wire wig brush to make sure that it is not tangled, ensures that you’ll get a nice, smooth curl without any snags, which can cause breakage.

  • 4. Braid Wig - Divide your hair into several parts. You can make as many braids as you want, the choice is yours. The more the braids, the tighter the curls. Decide on the number of braids based on the desired effect. If you want a curly effect similar to curly, you can make the entire wig into countless small braids.

  • 5. Heating with Hair Dryer - In order to enhance the styling effect, you can use a hairdryer to slightly heat the braid, but be careful not to overheat the texture of your real wig.

  • 6. Release the Braid - After a few hours (at least 12 hours), gently lift the braid and comb your hair with your fingers.

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Wave Human Hair Wigs with Curlers

Another simple, fast and safe way to curl straight human hair wigs is to use a roller, you can choose the arc of the wave according to your personal preference (you can achieve it by choosing the size of the roller)! Rollers are the easiest way to create a curl without applying too much heat to the hair. This method is the best choice for those who want to temporarily try fresh gorgeous curls but do not want to completely change the original hair quality of straight hair.

How To Use Rollers To Curl Human Hair Wig?

Tools required: styrofoam wig head, secure stand, sewing pins or T-pins, wide toothed comb or a wire wig brush, hair clips, hair rollers, hairdryer

  • 1. Fix Your Wig Over A Styrofoam Head - Place your human hair wig over the styrofoam head and secure it with sewing pins or T-pins. To make the the hair of your wig can hang loosely, you’d better put the wig head on a secure stand.

  • 2. De-tangle Your Wig With Comb - Gently comb your human hair wig with wide toothed comb or a wire wig brush to make sure that it is not tangled, start from the ends first.

  • 3. Divide The Hair Into Sections - Use a hair clip to secure most of the wig hair on top of the hair, leaving a layer of hair on the bottom to start curling.

  • 4. Wrap Hair Wick Around The Roller - Wrap the hair a small bunch around the roller at a time (about 2 inches wide), just place the curler on the end of the hair tress and then wind the hair around the end of the hair, ie The curls and hair can be rolled towards the bottom of the wig while keeping the hair as neat as possible (to get a clean ringlet look when unrolled) and each roll is held in place. Curl your hair one layer at a time until you finish curling the entire wig.

  • 5. Heat The Curlers with Hair Dryer - Set the heat of the hair dryer to warm, the airflow set to high, and then heat each drum for no more than 1 minute. Avoid using too much heat to make your curls messy and frizzy.

  • 6. Remove The Rollers - After the wig cools naturally, gently loosen the curling roller from the wig to avoid pulling directly.

  • 7. Finish Curly Wig - Use your fingers to gently comb through the wig to make it look more natural. If you want to enhance the styling effect of your curls, spray or apply a little gel on your curly wig.

Curl Lace Wig With Curling Iron

Human hair wigs can withstand a certain amount of heat treatment, so we can use heated hair curlers for styling. But you also need to follow some tips such as conducting heat resistance tests and using thermal protection agents to avoid irreparable thermal damage caused by overheating,

How To Use Curling Iron To Curl Human Hair Wig?

Tools required: curling iron, hair clips, thermal protector

  • 1. Test Heat Resistance of The Wig - take a small bundle of hair-a wick that is hidden by other hair. That way, if it melts, it won't notice, no more than 1 / 8 inches or 0.32 cm. Be sure to start the test at a lower temperature and detect the proper temperature to generate frizz high enough without damaging the hair. For curling irons, 180 degrees Fahrenheit is a good starting point. If all goes well, you can move on to the rest of the wig.

  • 2. Plug In A Curling Iron - Set the curling iron to its lowest temperature, usually that of preheating or the first level. While the iron is heating, separate your hair into several sections. Determine their size according to the size of the curls you want to make. If you want them to be small, make many small locks. If you want big curls, make only a few fairly large sections. Attach each section to your head with pliers.

  • 3. Use Thermal Protector - To protect the hair tress, apply a thermal protector spray and distribute it evenly on each part of the hair before heating. Keep in mind that this won't make your hair invincible-you can still fry your hair even with a heat protectant. However, these sprays are indeed the first line of defense against damage.

  • 4. Make Waves With Curling Iron- Take one of the sections (use clips to make hair sections before curling) you have attached and wrap it around the curling iron. Hold the hair to the iron for as long as it takes to create a curl – up to 10 seconds with a curling iron – and then remove it. Loop each section this way. If you want tighter curls, hold the coiled strands in place on your head with bobby pins and wait for them to cool completely. It will also help the curls to last longer.

  • 5. Firm The Curly Hair - To keep your curly hair for longer, pin each curl into place against your head and apply plenty of hair spray to hold the style.

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Curl Human Hair Lace Wig With Flat Iron

If you don't have a curling stick or roll, a hair straightener can also be your curling tool.

How To Use Flat Iron (Hair Straightener) To Curl Lace Wig?

Tools required: flat iron, hair clips, thermal protector

  • 1. Preparation: Before starting, place the fake on the head or flat surface of the mannequin, and use a comb or fingers to untangle the wig from the head to the bottom. Similarly, to avoid damage, you can also spray a thermal protector on the wig before using flat iron, because a good wig protectant will form a protective layer around the wig.

  • 2. Straighten A Wick With Flat Iron - Take a small wick and brush it to untangle it. Connect a straightener and set it to its lowest temperature (usually around 120 to 150 ° C). When it has finished heating, use it to smooth the wick. Slide it over it until it is straight and smooth. You will wind each wick to loop it. If you want small curls, take fine locks. Take care that they are not too thick, because the bars will not hold.

  • 3. Curl The Wick - Close the straightener always set to its lowest temperature on the straightened wick. Wrap it around the device by wrapping it towards the back of your head. Work slowly so that your hair forms curls. Keep the straightener set at a low temperature to avoid melting the synthetic hair and slide it down so as to wave the coiled strand. Curls don't have to be perfect. The goal is simply to get their basic structure. You will then wind the wick and hold it in place with a bar.

  • 4. Wrap The Curled Hair - While the hair wick is still hot, wrap it tightly around your finger. Carefully remove it without unrolling it and hold it with your thumb and forefinger. It will form a flat circle. Place this circle against your head and hold it in place with clips. If you want the curls to last longer, you can spray hairspray on the wick before rolling it up and attaching it.

  • 5. Repeat The Process - Straighten, wrap and tie the rest of your hair in the same way. If you have permanent extensions, the easiest way may be to start with the hair at your temples to clear your face. Once you have tied all the strands, leave them in place overnight or at least several hours. Then remove the bars and run your fingers through your hair. To get a more natural effect, you can run your hands through your hair so as to separate the strands and give them more volume.

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Curl Human Hair Wigs With Hot Water

The hot water method is one of the ideal and best methods for curling wigs.

How To Use Hot Water To Curl A Wig? 

  • 1. Wet Your Hair - Put a little moisturizer in the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together and run them through your synthetic hair to distribute the product. It will help synthetic locks stay curly. You can replace the moisturizer with olive oil.

  • 2. Wrap Your Hair With Rollers - Wrap them around curlers for perm. Decide what size you want to give the curls and take several sizes of curlers. Take a small wick and wrap it around a curler. Close the end of the accessory so that the wick is held tightly. Repeat the process until all of your hair is wrapped around curlers for perm. Try varying the size of the curlers to get curls of different sizes. For a natural effect, try making large, loose curls around your neck and back of your head, and smaller, defined curls with thinner curlers near your face.

  • 3. Apply Warm Water To Curled Hair - Fill a cup of water two-thirds full and heat it for about a minute. Gently dip a wick wrapped around a curler in water for 15 to 20 minutes. Remove it and repeat the process with all the other wicks, immersing them one by one. If the water cools, warm it before continuing to immerse the hair-covered curlers. Take care when using hot water. 

  • 4. Let Your Rolled Hair Dry - Wrap them around the curlers and wait for them to cool and dry completely. Depending on the size of the strands you have wound up, drying can be quick or take a whole day. If you want it dry faster, you can use a hair dryer, but make sure it is set to its lowest temperature.

  • 5. Remove The Curlers - Once your hair is completely dry, gently remove the accessories. The curls are likely to be tight and bounce when you pull it. If you want them to stay tight and close to your head, leave them as is. If you want them to be looser and have a softer appearance, run your fingers through your hair. You can also separate each strand to make smaller curls. This can make them look softer and add volume to your hair.

Hope this article helped you find the best method for your curly wig. If you are considering straightening your curly wig, please read our other guide: How to straighten your human hair wig.