Human Hair Wigs & Extensions Advantages
2019/12/31 9:45:11

Human Hair Wigs & Extensions Advantages

Although human hair wigs are the most expensive wig type on the market, they are still the first choice for most people who buy wigs. Why are human hair wigs sought after? As a professional manufacturer and supplier of human hair wigs & bundles, in this article, we will detail the advantages of human hair wigs for you who are planning to buy human hair lace wigs.

What Is Human Hair Wigs?

Real hair wig, as the name suggests, refers to wigs made from real human hair. High-end real hair wigs, such as the Brazilian Virgin Wig, are made of human hair without any chemical treatment collected from a single donor. Human hair is inherently more flexible than synthetic hair, and it feels better and more natural. You can even set styles and colors. Real hair has more appearance than synthetic hair. But where does the real hair actually come from?

The human hair wigs in the wig market come from people in different regions and countries. However, the structure of hair is very different depending on the origin. Hair from China and Asia (Malaysia) is most commonly used, followed by Brazil, Peru, India, Europe and Caucasians. However, the latter is rare in the wig market.

On JVH Wigs Store, you will find many options for human hair wigs: Brazilian hair wigs, Peruvian hair wigs, Indian hair wigs, Malaysian hair wigs. You can have the best quality real hair wigs at the lowest price in the market.

Benefits of Getting Human Hair Wigs

Natural Texture and Good Quality

Because the hair is carefully selected for human hair wig, the texture of the hair is of the highest quality. Many who donate hair to make wigs have never used harsh shampoos, heat, or dyes on their hair. This gives the finished wig a remarkable texture. Of course, a human hair wig feels like real hair, but it is the texture of first-class, painstakingly groomed hair.

Natural Look and Performance

Human hair wigshave many advantages over synthetic hair, especially because of their very natural look. They fall like naturally grown hair, behave in the same way in wind and weather and feel the same way. Even in sports, it is not noticeable that the hairstyle consists of a real hair wig. Thanks to the mostly hand-knotted processing from monofilament or partial monofilament with a lace base, the second hairstyle made of human hair is just like your own hair on the head. At the hairline and in the parting area, the finely knotted hair looks as if it had grown out of the scalp. Of course, human hair weaves with their own hair are also processed. Even these look more natural than hair extensions. In addition, the human hair wigs feels wonderfully cuddly and soft. It is especially the naturalness of the human hair wigs that promote self-confidence after hair loss. Because the more natural the hair replacement looks, the greater the well-being of those affected.

Individual Styling and Designs

When it comes to human hair wigs, there are no limits. Whether long or short, in two or three parts, shaggy or layered. In fact, you can personalize your hairstyle. The hair of human hair wigs has a natural roughness. That is why they can be individually styled and blow-dried. Curls, waves, weaves, updos and sleek look, everything is possible. The hair should not be treated too hot and should not get a permanent chemical. Tinting and coloring according to your own wishes are also possible. We do not recommend aggressive styling methods, however, as these damages the human hair. You should always treat your second hairstyle from human hair like fine or damaged own hair. So always style carefully and do not work too close to the hairline with a flat iron or curling iron. If you are going to dye your human hair wigs, check out our guide of Dye Human Hair Lace Wig At Home.

Restores Confidence

If you have hair loss for any reason, it must compromise your confidence and give you doubts. Human hair wig will not only restore your confidence, but you will also feel beautiful. It will look natural. Since it is made of human hair, it will also be pleasant to the touch.

Long Durability and Long Lasting Gloss

Wigs made of human hair are considered a long-term investment. If human hair is well cared for, it will last much longer than synthetic hair. However, in order to ensure the maximum life of the wig, it is important to understand how to properly store and care for human hair lace wigs. You should only use products specially developed for hair wigs for care. Another plus point is that human hair does not matt when properly cared for, which can occur with synthetic hair.

Protect Your Own Hair

If you are someone who wants to style their hair but is afraid that using serums, dyes, and hot tools will damage your natural curls, you can opt for a real hair wig and style it like You want to.

These are some of the advantages of choosing a human hair wig. So even if you have a haircut and it makes you sad that you have lost your long locks or just don't like the style you chose on impulse, don't worry, you can just get a cheap human hair wig from JVH, all your hair problems solved.