Human Hair or Synthetic Hair: Which Wig Should I Choose?
2019/12/30 1:25:23

When people are planning to buy a wig, the big question that is most likely to be asked is: What is better now, human hair wig or synthetic hair wig?

Looking through many websites trying to answer this question, you could find an answer that everyone gave. This answer was: synthetic hair and human hair look the same today, but if the wig you want is to be longer than shoulder length, then it is better to have human hair wig. But then the question arises: if you can recognize it and the professional answer is that both look the same, then the synthetic hair should be so good. But they are not. Then is the human hair is not good? The answer to this is clearly NO! So what's the right answer?

What is the Difference Between Synthetic Hair Wigs and Human Hair Wigs?

To answer this question,we first have to understand something. There is a suitable wig for every woman. But first you have to know what you are looking for. So to find out what you need, you first need to know what the difference is:

Synthetic Hair Wigs

  • Synthetic wigs consist of thin plastic fibers. Today they are really incredibly well done. Thin and natural and sometimes even heat-resistant (otherwise the regular synthetic hair wigs will actually go down in high heat).

  • These are produced so that they are ready to be put on like a piece of clothing. Whether short or long, they are easily washed and can be worn again immediately.

Synthetic Hair wigs.jpg

The disadvantage, synthetic hair are not real. As great as the wigs are, they look different. It can also get hot in the summer, especially if the wig is a little longer.

Conclusion: The synthetic hair wig is certainly a cheaper option if you want it to be easy and quick. If you want to look chic every now and then to go out and your hair should sit perfectly, then the synthetic hair wig is certainly a good and cheaper solution.

Human Hair Wigs

  • If you are a little familiar with human hair wigs, you know that there is so much choice that you could fall over. So you have to know something about it before you can decide.

  • Starting with the quality, where everyone wants to make their own quality the best. But here too, what is important is what I am looking for and what I need. Expensive is not always better.

  • The origin of the hair usually determines the quality of the hair. The finer the hair, the more qualitative the wig is (although it still depends on a few factors and is therefore not generally seen). But if I have sturdy hair by nature, a fine wig won't do me much.

  • Whether the hair is dyed or left natural also determines the quality. Of course, natural human hair is more qualitative, because you have the opportunity to change your hair color in any direction. Each dyeing start takes on the quality of the wig. But if you are looking for a wig for a year at most, it doesn't have to be that important to you.

  • The processing of the wig: A completely hand-knotted wig is a lot more expensive, but not necessarily better. By hand tying, a lot more hair is used (which is not absolutely necessary) and therefore the wig becomes heavier. The lifespan is also much shorter since manual labor can never be as strong as a machine. Comparable to a hand-sewn garment. Of course, there are parts that would be better done by hand so that the wig looks natural, but it doesn't have to be the whole thing.

Human Hair wigs.jpeg

The disadvantage is that it is human hair. Luckily, the wig should not be cared for as intensely as your own hair, but it should be cared for, and indeed the full program. Washing, blow-drying, brushing, plucking, etc. The human hair wig will clearly take a little time for itself.

Conclusion: The human hair wig is clearly the solution when it comes to looking natural in everyday life. Once put on, once smooth, elegantly curly. That's how you do it with your natural hair, right? Because the human hair wig is certainly not a "second hair", as it is often called on the Internet. The wig is the hair that should replace what you don't have right now. Whether because you lose my own hair, cut it short, or have discolored it. The human hair wig is a long-term solution without having to do without anything. Except maybe some time.