How to Take Care of Human Hair Wigs - Tips of Conditioning and Styling Your Wigs
2019/12/3 10:52:04

How to Take Care of Human Hair Wigs - Tips of Conditioning and Styling Your Wigs

Do you want to create stunning look with your human hair wigs? If you have different styling needs for different occasions, check out the tips of conditioning and styling your wigs. You can keep the wigs look new for a long time and enjoy diverse beauty as long as you take care of human hair wigs properly.

How to Take Care of Human Hair Wigs

Steps of conditioning wigs
To make your wigs look new and restore the shine, the wigs conditioning is necessary.
- Wet your human hair wig and put a small amount of conditioner on it, apply evenly to the hair, avoid to touch the base or cap.
- Leave you wigs with conditioner for 3-5 minutes, then rinse it with warm or cold water.
- Use a clean, dry towel to slowly squeeze out excess water.
- Place the wig on a wig stand or dry and ventilated place to wait for it dry naturally.
-. You can microwave the wig for 30 seconds to moisten it. Make sure to place it in a lockable bag to avoid steam generation. Leave the wig in the bag for at least one hour.

Tips of styling wigs

You can use cheap quality wigs from Just Virgin Hair to create multiple styles you want. You can change the style of wig at any time under appropriate maintenance.

If you want to straighten your wig, start from the length about an inch from the root, run a flat iron to the ends. When curling, wrap a pinch of hair around a curling iron and hold for 10 seconds and release, continue to the next one.

  • Any cutting, trimming or chemical processes should be done by a professional hairstylist.
  • You can use hairdryer and curling stick in low heat setting.
  • Do not use the iron or curler too often.
  • Try not to use hairspray on the wig.
  • Use a non greasy conditioner.
  • Don't tie the hair too high.
Conditioning and Styling Your Wigs