How To Straighten A Wig Avoiding Heat Damage | Human Hair Lace Wig Straightening Method
2019/12/12 9:46:15

How To Straighten A Wig Avoiding Heat Damage
| Human Hair Lace Wig Straightening Method

Wearing a human hair curly wig gives you gorgeous look. But unless you have multiple lace wigs of different styles and colors, otherwise wearing the same curly wig for a long time can become boring. In addition to repurchasing a new style of wig, there is a more economical way is to straighten your curly wig. Read our wig straightening tutorial, you can learn how to easily straighten wigs without damaging your hair, suitable for lace wigs and high heat resistant synthetic wigs.

How To Straighten A Human Virgin Hair Lace Wig?

Human hair wigs are usually made directly from high-quality human virgin hair bundles to natural hairstyles, so they can be straightened with heat treatment like natural hair. However, once it is dried and split due to high temperature damage, it cannot be repaired by using hair care products such as conditioner like natural hair. So if you want your human hair wig to continue to rejuvenate after straightening, you also need to be careful when smoothing your hair.

Use Flat Iron To Straighten Wigs (Human Hair Lace Wigs or heat-resistant Synthetic Wigs)

Required Items:

Flat Iron, Stand, Heat Protectant (oil or a cream), Clips, Comb, Heat-resistant Glove

1. Do a heat resistance test - Take a small bundle of hair for heat resistance testing in areas that are inconspicuous from the wig (such as behind the head and directly above the neckline) to make sure your wig can withstand direct heat. Adjust the flat iron to low, medium or high heat to increase its temperature and extend the flat iron from the middle of the hair bundle to the ends. If the hair is curled or melted, it means that the wig cannot withstand the direct heat. Choose a suitable temperature according to the test results.

2. Fix The Wig - Place the wig on the styrofoam head, fix it with a stand or other tools, pass a straight needle through the top of the wig and insert it down into the wig styrofoam head.

3. Spraying Heat Protectant On Wig - Even if your human hair wig passes the strand test, in order to lock the hair's moisture and maintain the luster and texture of the wig, it is still necessary to spray heat protection products on the wig from the root to the end to form hair protection from damage.

4. Heat Flat Iron To The Right Temperature - A wig made of human hair, although it can withstand the temperature of flat iron like your natural hair, but for safety, use the lowest heating setting (110–121 ° C) To straighten your hair effectively without damage.

5. Organize Your Wig Hair Into Sections - Use large clips to wind up most of the wigs (usually the top hair), leaving a small part of the wig for heat treatment. Use a comb to smooth the knotted hair.

6. Straighten The Hair With Heated Flat Iron - Put on heat-resistant gloves, pick up the flat iron, pick a bundle of hair, hold the root of the hair with the flat iron and slide it down to the tip of the hair, repeat if necessary 2-3 times. After completing the first part, untie the other part and straighten it in the same way until the entire wig is straightened.