How to Store Wigs - Human Hair Wigs & Synthetic Wigs Storage Ideas & Tips
2019/12/4 15:27:37

Wearing a wig is a convenient way to help you realize different look or complete a costume, but how to store wigs when they are not in use? In order to keep your wig storing in good condition, check out the human hair wigs and synthetic wigs storage ideas and tips.

Human Hair Wigs and Synthetic Wigs Storage Ideas

Proper storage will make your wig last longer and keep the luster longer. Actually, although human hair wigs and synthetic wigs require made from different materials and require different maintenance, the storage of human hair and synthetic wigs is completely the same.

How to Store Wigs

- The first wigs storage idea is the wig stand and spherical frame. You can also put it in a cabinet or a bag. Before you put it in the bag or cabinet, please make sure your human hair wig or synthetic wig is smoothed. Put the head first, then put the wig upside down.
- For short wigs, you can put it in the soft hair net according to the original package. Follow the wig cover, don't make the wig be in a mess. Otherwise, the next time you take it out, a layer of wig on the surface will be messy. Don't get wigs to be pressured. It is easy to deform for a long time.

    - For long wigs more than 60cm, remember that do not comb it with the wig in one hand and the comb in the other hand by yourself. Put the wig away in the natural downward direction of the wig, and then turn it around from the end of the hair.
If you need to store the wigs long time, clean your wigs firstly. Please note that keep your wigs away from direct sunlight and high temperature areas.

Where to Store Wigs

Short-term storage

- If you wear wigs more often, the packaging box with the wig you bought should be the best place. The box can store your wig in a normal condition, keep the shape and luster, easy to complete.
- If there is not a designed wig box for storage, you can fold your wig, then place it into a clean plastic bag or hairnet, and put some tissue in the wig to make it hard to deform. Save the space at the same time.
- Other clean, dry boxes or container with proper sizes.

Long-term storage

- Storing on wig stand and mannequin head are the best way to maintain the original style and shape of the wig.
- Besides, shoe rack is a great place to store wigs, ensure the rack is clean and sturdy.