How To Start A Hair Extension Business (Own Hair Weave Business) Online Or Offline?
2020/4/26 16:41:41

Hair extensions allow you to have the long, thick and gorgeous hairstyles you dream of in the shortest time, which is why hair extensions are becoming more and more popular in all ethnic groups, including sew-in, tape-in, clip-on and wig. There is no doubt that the hair business has become a thriving market and contains huge lucrative opportunities. Are you also planning to start your own hair weave business? That's right, this is the best time to make some investments, because more and more people are looking for high-quality unprocessed human hair for extensions on the market. However, hair extension is no longer an emerging industry, and many competitors are already waiting for you. So how do you start your hair extension business and get the expected profit from it? As a professional wholesale hair vendor with more than 10 years of sales of human hair, JVH provides the following practical guides to help you start a promising human hair business!

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How To Start Your Own Hair Extension (Hair Weave) Business?

Before starting, we have to remind you that everything is difficult at the beginning. If you are not familiar with the field of hair business, you need to master all the skills to maintain a competitive advantage. And don't always rush to make quick gains, any business needs to be accumulated rather than overnight, so the following tips are to help you make money faster if you start to catch up with it.

1. Learn The Knowledge of Hair Extension & Study Hair Market

If you want to start selling hair weave, your knowledge of hair extensions is very important. You must be familiar with the hair products you want to sell, which type of hair products are most popular in your area, and the consumer groups you want to hook up. Understand the difference between hair weaving vs. the various human hairs available, and synthetic vs. human hair to better serve your customers. You also need to be able to suggest to your customers which hair is best for different types of hair extensions, wigs, and weaves. Read beauty and hair care books, ask for a licensed hair stylist, browse the Internet hair care forum, or consult your hair extension supplier to find all information about the products you plan to sell. But beyond that, you need to explore other aspects of the business.

2. Find The Best Hair Supplier For Your Business

A reliable wholesale hair supplier is the key to your business success because you can not only obtain quality-guaranteed products from it but also get profitable prices that can save costs and gain benefits. Therefore, choosing a good hair supplier can gain more customers and benefits for you! So how to find the best human hair supplier? This includes profit margins, transportation services, and hair quality. Is it better to order from a factory or a trading company or a local market wholesaler? Our answer is the hair factory! JVH from China is your preferred wholesale hair vendor for your hairdressing business. Unlike other suppliers who only provide top grade virgin hair products, we are your honest business partner, allowing you to obtain a large amount of rich inventory at the lowest ex-factory price without burden, and also accept your personalized orders. You and your customers can rest assured that the quality of the hair provided is the highest. Why choose JVH to be your best hair vendor:

  • 1) Our price (factory minimum wholesale price) / quality ratio is ahead of competitors

  • 2) Just Virgin Hair always delivers only the highest quality hair products, a variety of textures are available

  • 3) We can meet any personalized customization service of customers, labeling, custom packaging, etc.

  • 4) We provide direct and fast shipping, stock delivery within 24 hours, OEM / ODM order shipment within 3-7 days

  • 5) We are very customer friendly and provide comprehensive technical support and detailed hair knowledge.

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3. Determine Hair Sales Channels and Strategies

In order to sell hair products, you can open a physical retail store or e-commerce store, or you can become a wholesaler in a flea market. But no matter which sales methods you choose, you need to use some marketing strategies to attract your customers, which is also one of the key steps in how to start your hair business. In fact, the problem you need to solve is how to sell more hair extensions for money? Make your hair marketing plan:

  • 1) Regularly establish sales goals and action plans to ensure that all work can be completed without omissions, and analyze the factors that affect the achievement of goals.

  • 2) Social media is a cheap marketing tool but it is the key to the success of your hair business. Effectively promoting your website through social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc.) can produce quantifiable sales results.

  • 3) Offer discounts to specific long-term loyal customers (such as salon bosses, beauty students) to obtain stable and repeating business.

  • 4) Carry out promotional activities on holidays and make or sponsor hair shows, fashion shows or related activities to expand the visibility of your hair business in the community.

  • 5) Treat customer inquiries with endless compassion and patience, impeccable service can always retain customers.

4. Make Your Brand Brand Impressive and Pack Your Products Beautifully

How to brand and package delivery is also critical to the success of the company. In any case, give your hair business a brand name that will make customers fall in love at first sight and unforgettable. Then use beautiful packaging to make customers smile and open your wig products, and then attach your brand information, product description, contact information and other information to provide customers with important information that is easy to receive.

5. Drop Shipping For Starting A Hair Business With No Money

There are many people consulting, how to start a hair business without spending money? Is this feasible? It is achievable today when the network and logistics are so developed. If you are a start-up company or have never been involved in this type of business, you can choose traditional business operations and learn the skills of sending and receiving transactions by establishing an e-commerce store, so you don’t need to spend money on renting shops. Dropshipping is the process where another hair company holds inventory and ships products to your customers on your behalf. This way, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy hair inventory, rent storage space, and spend more cost from the beginning. So, cooperating with a reliable hair company can do more for you, and can easily develop your own hair extension business without headaches. Of course, having hair inventory can ensure the satisfaction of customers with your business, because of your controllability of quality, packaging, and shipment.

Start Your Beauty Hair Extension Business Now

If you have made up your mind to start your hair business, please take some time to understand your business and choose a hair supplier that will let you have no worries. With JVH, you don’t have to get into unnecessary fine details, and these details may waste your time on the marketing business. You only need to click a button, you can easily get the product without the hassle of packaging and shipping to customers, there is no easier way than this.

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