How to Restore & Revive Old Wigs - The Best Ways to Make Human Hair Wigs Soft Again
2019/12/5 11:45:49

Do you feel your wig start to become dry and stiff? Even if the highest quality human hair wig can't retain the shape, luster, and softness all the time, except proper maintenance and storage, you can take some measures to make your wig soft and looks like new again. In this guide, you can find how to restore wigs with some easy methods.

How to Revive Human Hair Wigs - Best Ways to Restore Wigs & Hair Extensions

There are many reasons ruin the looks of human hair wigs and virgin hair extensions, make them become dry, stiff, tangled or matted, like the poor quality, sun exposure, hard water washing, lack of maintenance, seawater soak, etc. Then how to restore dry wigs close to new? Some people may feel tricky, especially for beginners. Check out the best ways to make wigs soft again.

1. Make the preparation

Prepare everything you need to use in the process, including moisturizing conditioner, essential oil, shampoo, deep conditioner, comb, brush, shower cap, hairdryer, towel, flat iron or curling iron, thermal protector spray and smooth treatment mist. Put your wig on the stand or head, use the t-pins or clips to secure wig caps firmly.

2. Conditioning and detangling

Apply natural essential oil along the entire length of your wig. Then rub some moisturizing conditioner on the hair extensions or wigs, leave it under the shower cap for about half an hour. Separate a small section from the wig, which makes you easier to comb or control it, start the detangling process, remove some less hard tangles and knots.

3. Wash the wigs or hair extensions and conditioning again

Wash the wig in cold running water with the moisturizing shampoo. Remember to clean the scalp between the marks with your fingers, then rinse the shampoo thoroughly. Apply the moisturizing conditioner from scalp to hair tip, leave it for 2-3 minutes, then rinse it completely. Then follows the deep conditioning, use the proper amount of smooth treatment mist or deep conditioner for around 15 minutes, rinse again, use your fingers or comb to carefully untie any tangles on the wig.


Blow dry your wig with low heat dryer with a wide tooth comb to aid hair drying.


You can use a curling iron to restore wavy or curly hair wigs or a flat iron for straight wigs.

Virgin hair wigs from the top-grade hair vendor - JVH is durable and not easy to be dry and stiff, because it's made from 100% real human hair and not processed chemically, allows you to achieve versatile styles and retain original softness at a long time under proper wearing and storage.