How To Remove A Lace Front Wig - Easy Ways To Take Off Lace Wigs, No Rip Edges
2019/12/9 15:27:05

Properly Take Off Lace Front Wigs, No Rip Edges

A lot of women who like to dress up will buy some lace front wigs, whether it’s a long black straight lace front wig or cute bob lace front wig, they will choose to match the clothing. But most of the women experienced hair loss or headache after wearing wigs, that’s because they had one thing in common - how they removed the lace front wig.

An incorrect way of removing your wig will cause damage to not only your hairpiece, reduce the life service of your human lace front hair wigs, but also your skin. So if you want to do a particular hairstyle that requires more security or if you want to wear the wig for a longer period of time, you need to first learn the right technique to take off custom wigs for preventing damaging your wigs. Here Just Virgin Hair brings a tutorial on how to remove lace front wigs and front tools without damaging your hairline or leads.

Lace Front Wigs Removing Tutorial

Tips On How To Remove A Lace Front Wig Without Causing Damage

  1. Start by pinning your lace front wig back from the face and secure at the crown. This should give you a clear view of the lace seam and ensure that no adhesive remover comes into contact with the hair wig.
  2. The only thing you need to remove it is some alcohol or glue remover. All you need to do is take your alcohol and you just spray them on your lace.
  3. Then massage it, so the glue would loosen up a little.
  4. Take a rat tail comb and just slide it underneath the lace and normally it’ll pop right off.
  5. Gently peel the lace seamC away from the face working methodically from one side to the other. Be sure not to pull at the lace.
  1. When the lace wig seams are completely away from the face, take off your lace front wig. You may find that there is still adhesive on the wig which will prevent proper adhesion of the wig next time around, you can rub a handheld mirror along the inside seam where the adhesive is. The adhesive will come off the unit and onto the mirror. Keep doing this until you have all the glue removed from the unit.
  2. Place on your wig stand for easy maintenance and to retain its shape.
  3. Cleanse your face to remove traces of adhesive and adhesive remover.