How To Reduce (Remove) Shine From Human Hair Wig & Synthetic Wig
2020/2/29 23:58:42

When buying a wig, of course, we want the wig to have glossiness, but sometimes a brand new wig with excessive gloss can cause the wig to look very unnatural and let people recognize your fake hairstyle at a glance. So it is so annoying when the wig shines very strongly, we have to reduce the brightness and gloss of the wig but keep it silky in order to get a perfect and realistic hairstyle. In this guide, JVH will teach you how to reduce the extra gloss and shine on your wig or how to dull a wig, this tips are useful for both synthetic wig and human hair wig.

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How To Make a Wig Less Shiny or How To Dull A Shiny Wig?

What You Need For Removing Shine (Gloss) From Synthetic Wig or Human Hair Weave:

  • Dry Shampoo

  • Baby Powder

  • Hair Spray

  • Oil

How To Remove Shine From Human Hair Weave & Wig?

Get dry shampoo. It is available in most drug stores. Dry shampoo was actually developed to make a greasy hairline disappear and to loosen the hair again. Alternatively, you can also use baby powder. However, this leaves residues more often and does not have quite as good an effect.

  • Put some dry shampoo on your synthetic wig or human hair wig that is too shiny. Proceed as described on the normal hair pack.

  • Comb the dry shampoo powder evenly out of your wig so that no visible residues remain in the wig.

  • Now your wig should shine much less. However, if the hair is too smooth, it may be that the fine powder could not lie around the hair and you have combed the powder completely out of your wig. The result is that the wig is still very shiny. Repeating the process does not help here either. Just follow the instructions below.

What To Do If Your Wig Hairpiece Is Still Shiny?

If the above tips are not enough, in order to dull a synthetic wig or human hair wig further, you can try the below tips:

  • Spray the shiny wig evenly with hairspray.

  • Let the hairspray dry well and then comb through the hairpiece.

  • Now put dry shampoo or some baby powder on the wig.

  • Comb the hair of the wig thoroughly to remove excess powder.

  • If you are not yet satisfied with the result, spray some hairspray again. Now let the spray dry for a short time and put powder on the hair again and then comb it out.

  • To fix the powder a bit and thus increase the durability, spray the wig again with hairspray.

  • If even this method doesn't work well for you, you can use some oil instead of the hairspray. Fill it into a spray bottle with a very fine spray and spray only a little oil evenly on the wig. Spread it with a comb and then apply dry shampoo to the synthetic hair. Comb it out again and your wig should no longer shine so much.

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