How To Make Your Closure Wig Look Like A Frontal?
2020/2/24 10:32:23

How to make your human hair lace closure look like frontals? Frontals enable you to create hairstyles that you normally could not achieve when using an ordinary closure. Here are easy simple steps that you can do to achieve this look. Follow this tutorial, you can find out how to customize the wig to make it look like front and look natural.

Tutorial On How To Make Your Wig Look Like A Frontal

  1. The first thing that you want to do is you want to start off with your BW to bleed a thirty developer, if you are brand new at this I would definitely recommend you start at a twenty developer. But if you aren't, thirty is gonna be good. So you just want to brush the hair back and you don't want to have any small pieces like flyaways because you definitely gonna have to pluck those out if bleach get into it.
  2. So then spread the bleach and you can also want to make sure that is it a thicker. Then leave it on for about 15 minutes and afterwards you want to wash it off.
  3. Next one, wash it with like shampoo and then put on the purple shimmer lights, and so after that you want to give it a good wash, go in with the shampoo make sure you go through just to get the bleach off. But water does cancel bleach.
  4. Next you want to go ahead and use the purple shimmer lights and then that is it. Let that sit for about 15 to 20 minutes and then after that come back and rinse it.
  5. After you give it a good rinse, this is actually what you're gonna be going for. Sometimes you might go ahead you might still see the black dots but you want to give up the illusion of looking like scalp, and so this is so beautiful, this is exactly what we want, we don't have any brassiness, we don't have any over bleach knives.

So here is the frontal wig all made out.

Once you’re seeing all the methods on how to make your closure look like a front so you was just like girl. You can cut out some of the black parts on the side, if your band was just too thick, you can actually switch your head caps. The only thing you want to do is you want to pull out these baby hairs and you want to create some and didn't want to leave your scarf on for about 10 minutes a little. It could be like plastered onto your forehead, it's not plan, you want to definitely make sure you want to go through and lift up the baby hairs that you've apply. So next you want to use a hot comb, and so those are not only things that you have to do in order to make your closure look like a frontal.