How To Make (Sew In) A Lace Frontal Or Lace Closure Wig | DIY Wig Guide
2020/3/5 11:39:35

In this article, we are going to show you an extremely detailed guide on how to make a lace wig with a lace frontal hairpiece and human hair bundles, covering the tips on how to hand sew in human hair weave extensions, how to machine sew in hair weft and every single thing.

How To Make A Wig By Hand Or A Sewing Machine?

Do you want to have a wig that perfectly matches your hairstyle? It is feasible to make a wig yourself. Making your own wig not only expands the choice of your wigs but also makes them more suitable for your head shape. Follow us step by step to learn how to make a wig by hand.

The Things & Tools You Will Need For Sewing In Your Lace Wigs:

  • A lace frontal or a lace closure, and 3-5 human hair bundles (could be indifferent lengthen) of your choice
  • Wig cap, we recommend mesh dome cap if you are a beginner
  • A marker, a white or metallic that will show up on the dome cap
  • A mannequin head, we do recommend investing in a canvas mannequin head which you can get pretty cheap from Amazon. They come in different sizes and inches based off of your own head measurements and you can read our guide on how to accurately measure your head
  • A mannequin head holder, or use a tripod that provides you a sturdy base for a wig making but you can also find cheaper options available that you can attach like to the end of a table
  • A C-Shaped Sewing and Thread. If you are here to make one by sewing machine you will use the needle and thread that comes with your machine, and if you are making one by hand, you need a curved tip needle, it goes without saying that you also need scissors
  • T-Pins to help aid you in the construction of your wig

Step 1 - Place The Dome Cap On To The Mannequin Head

Make sure that it is centered and then use two T pins to pin down the nape of the cap to mimic the hairline of your nape.

Step 2 - Pin Down Your Lace Frontal or Closure On The Mannequin Head

Center your lace frontal or your lace closure on top of the mannequin head on top of the dome cap, and then you are going to begin to pin it down, place the front of the closure or the frontal about 1/4 of an inch in front of the dome cap. After you pin the center, pinning the sides should be very easily the only thing you need to do is just pin them straight down, the end of the closure should be pinned right at the end of the mesh dome cap.

Step 3 - Trace The Outline Onto The Cap

Now pin in the hair of the frontal or the closure out of the way, so you can trace the outline onto the cap, this is where either your metallic marker or your white marker comes into play. Basically what you need to do is just trace the outline of either your closure or your frontal onto the mesh dome cap.

Step 4 - Draw The Foundation For Laying Your Hair Weaves

Drawing the lines straight across and try to make them as straight as possible. Also if you are using a sewing machine for this method, we would suggest making the lines about a finger width apart; if you are sewing them by hand, making them a little bit closer together, like a pinky finger apart. You also need to keep in mind how many hair bundles you are using, of course, if you are trying to fit four or five bundles make the lines way closer together; if you are only doing two or three bundles, set the lines further apart. If you are using a closure instead of a frontal you need to do the exact same thing, just continue to make your lines curved around the closure at the crown of the head.

Step 5 - Sew In Hair Weaving Weft

How to sew in human hair bundles? There are two hair weave sewing in methods: hand sew in or machine sew-in, both are easy. If you don’t have a sewing machine, hand sewing is the ideal choice to save money, but surely it takes more time than using a machine. Here are the step-by-step detailed process of how to do hand sew in and machine sew in hair weaving weft.

How To Hand Sew In Human Hair Weaving Bundles?

  1. First, you need some thread, cut around an arm's length of thread and then thread one end of the thread through the curved tip needle, even out the thread so you can begin to make the knot that will be at the end. To make it more secure you can do knots twice.
  2. When sewing by hand, you need to line the weft up with the lines on the mesh dome cap. Put the needle through the dome cap and through the track, you're only going to do this when you are starting and finishing a track. After you put it through then you are going to feed the needle through the hole of the thread, and this is going to create a more secure start by creating a knot at the beginning of the whiffed.
  1. As you continue to sew the weft on, two things are important: go through the mesh dome cap but around the track and then when you are bringing the needle through, bring it through the loop of the thread on the left. This is important because going around the track to preserve the longevity of the weft, and make sure you're bringing that needle through the loop of thread because that is going to create a more secure and strong sewing pattern.
  1. Once you get to the end of your track, you are once again going to go through the weft. First, you go through the dumb cap then the weft, create a knot - the way that we do that is wrap the thread around your needle two to three times and then once you pull the needle through, you will pull it tight, taut and creates a natural knot.
  2. Once you finish with that, you can cut the end of the thread and then cut the end of the track and start over again. At this point, you have successfully hand-sewn a track onto your mesh dome cap and you would just continue to repeat the process until your wig is finished.

How To Machine Sew In Human Hair Weaving Bundles?

Now we're going to get into the sewing machine method. If you do not know how to operate a sewing machine, we suggest you learn how to do that first before following the below steps:

  1. One of the first and most important steps for creating a wig with the sewing machine is doubling your whips, ensure that you fit as many sizes as you can without it looking bulky on your mesh dome cap.
  1. For this part, you should use a zig-zag pattern so with my particular, then double the width and line it up underneath the presser foot and then you're going to begin to sew. Do this all the way to the end of the weft and for all of your bundles.
  1. Once you have finished that, then you are ready to begin sewing the wefts onto the cap, so the first step that you need to do is line up the mesh dome cap underneath the presser foot, then grab your weft and line it on top of your tracing line underneath the presser foot.
  2. Once you have everything aligned, put your presser foot down and begin the sewing process. You can start by lowering the needle, use foot pedal to begin to sew. Keep in mind that, when you're sewing onto the cap iron still using the same zig-zag pattern that you use to double the weft.
  1. While sewing the weft on letting the speed of the sewing machine guide you, you can provide a little bit of tension. Don't pull or stretch the cat because that will cause a shrinking. You also need to make sure that you are pausing ensuring that your whiffed is still completely aligned and that you are following the foundation that you drew with your tricks.
  2. Sew all the way through then use the reverse lever to do a little bit of reverse sewing just to make the end more secure.
  3. Cut the weft, with the sewing machine after you cut the width, you also have to cut the thread. You can use your thread cutter on the side of your sewing machine or you can use scissors.

Step 6 - How To Sew In Lace Front or Lace Closure?

  1. Once you've got all your human hair weft to sew on either by machine or by hand, then it's time to move back to your frontal or your closure. Put your wig on your mannequin head and pin down either your frontal or your closure.
  2. When sewing down your front or your closure, use the same technique as we told you when you're sewing your weft on, so initially go through the end of the frontal or the closure and go through the mesh dome cap. Then pull the needle through the thread to create that secure start of your sewing.
  1. As you continue to sew down the frontal or the closure, go through the end of the frontal or the closure, still send the needle through the hole of the thread so that it creates a secure base. When you are sewing, also go through the mesh dome cap as well. Stitch close together so that it is very secure and continue to sew all the way around until you are finished.

That's all the steps for making a lace front/closure wig by hand sewing or machine sewing, then you can wear it like the whole lace front wig buys from online wig stores, but it would be more suitable for your head. Also, you fully can customize your frontal or closure wig by bleaching the knots, plucked the frontal to make it look more realistic.