How To Maintain & Care For A Human Lace Front Wigs With Baby Hair
2019/12/5 11:50:20

Many girls or women like to wear wigs, because there are many styles and materials of wigs, so there are many choices. Lace front wigs with baby hair is one of the most popular human hair wigs which has attracted most people’s attention, it’s hot-selling on the market now. Not only do this wig bring a very natural look, but also give you more versatility especially when you style your hairs. That is the reason why this type of hair extension is beloved by a large number of people. Then how to care and maintain for a human lace front wigs? Check this guide to find out some useful details and tips on how to maintain human hair lace front wigs with baby hair.

How To Maintain Human Hair Wigs -
Tips To Care For A Human Lace Front Wigs With Baby Hair

1. Try not to get close to the high temperature, because the wig is not resistant to the high temperature due to the material.

2. Not to pull or tug on the lace of the wig since it is very delicate and easy to rip. Therefore, be cautious when correcting your wig and always grip the wig by side areas of the cap or the ear tabs when wearing it.

3. You should comb the human lace front wig before wear it. It is better to use a sparse comb to comb the wig. When combing the wig, it is necessary to comb it obliquely, not directly, and lightly.

4. In order to prevent the strong wind from blowing away the lace front wig, some people like to clamp the wig with a hairpin which will break the net of the wig. Therefore, it is better not to use hairpin, but use decorative hair band to fix the hair on the wig.

5. If the wig with baby hair is used for a long time, do not pull it when it is knotted. Spray the special non oily maintenance fluid for the wig, and then comb it slowly and carefully.

6.Place your human hair lace front wig in the original packaging if you are not wearing it, shake it and it will be in its original state when you are wearing your hair wig.

7. Be careful when removing the lace front wig. Always use a commercial grade adhesive remover to release tape or adhesive.
8. Lace front wigs with baby hairs should be shampooed regularly. When washing, don’t scrub the wig lace severely. Especially, you ought not to use conditioner on the lace front wig because it can cause the hair loosed.