How To Find The Best Reliable Wholesale Hair Suppliers (Vendors) In 2020?
2020/4/27 10:32:10

When you plan to start your hair business, the first important thing is to find a reliable hair supplier, which must be that you fully believe that no matter where in the world, your hair vendor can send you and your customers in time High-quality products. And in the booming hair market, how can you get the best one from hundreds of hair suppliers? JVH as one of the Top Hair Vendors from China will tell you!

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What Are The Good Hair Vendors (Suppliers)?

Finding a quality hair weave supplier is your first step in starting a successful hair business! There is no source of supply, your entrepreneurship is just a matter of words. Without a source of hair supply, you cannot formulate an effective marketing plan because you know nothing about the product's market positioning, price, and the shipping method. Without a good hair vendor, the expansion of your hair business will be severely affected. Poor quality and delayed shipments may cause you to lose costs and customers. Only by establishing connections with reliable and reputable human hair vendors can provide you with reasonable transactions and be competitive. Then:

What Is A Good Hair Supplier?

  • 1. Can provide you with the lowest wholesale price, which not only saves you costs, but also allows you to sell directly to the end consumer in a local retail store or online, or even when you wholesale to a salon or hairdressing school, you can get the most profit.

  • 2. Can always provide products with quality assurance. Whether you are in bulk hair wholesale or a small amount of procurement, they can always provide you with the best cost-effective products to ensure your customer satisfaction.

  • 3. Has the ability to provide a large number of products and personalized customized products. When you have an order that exceeds the usual quantity or a product that needs to meet the special needs of customers, a good supplier should be ready for you at any time.

  • 4. Can deliver goods quickly and respond quickly, no matter when, except force majeure, please make sure you can easily contact them when you need, and place your order on time.

  • 5. A hair supplier who can provide you with direct delivery services. It not only allows you to focus on the quality of the product but also saves a lot of time.

  • 6. Choose a hair vendor who is not only interested in sending you order but can also act as a supplier that your business partner can help you when needed.

Where To Find The Best Hair Wholesale Supplier?

In the above, we have talked about choosing a good hair supplier. Not only should we consider the profit margin, transportation service, and hair quality, but we also need to pay attention to the speed of delivery, response time, the ability to provide a large number of products later, direct shipping options. So, where do we look for hair suppliers with advantages in these areas?

  • 1. If you want to find a hair supplier that accepts lower orders, AliExpress is certainly a good choice. But, unfortunately, there are many bad suppliers mixed with quality products. There are too many hair suppliers there and many may be middlemen, you need to carefully select them.

  • 2. Find a hair dealer with a factory from a large B2B website such as ALIBABA. The merchant here is also a mixed bag. You need to choose through various methods. If possible, you can apply to the manufacturers to visit their hair factory to get to know their true production strength.

  • 3. Do a Google search, bookmark your favorites, and view available comments. Pay attention to the quality of the information on the hair seller’s website. If they look very professional and complete, then they obviously have spent more time perfecting their business. This shows that they take their hair seriously.

  • 4. No matter which way you choose to screen hair supply online, by searching for industry-specific content such as "Brazilian Virgin Hair", reduce the list of suppliers before starting to contact each supplier and ask questions: Where does the hair come from? Do you make your own hair? Please be wary of products marked as top-grade quality that is offered at too much lower than the market price, it is not credible.

  • 5. In order to obtain the lowest price, cooperate directly with international human hair manufacturers instead of buying from local distributors, because most of the human hair used for weaving is collected and produced in Asia, especially China.

JVH Can Be Your Best Reliable Human Hair Vendor

If you are looking for a hair vendor with the above benefits, then JVH must be your ideal choice, we are confident to be your great business partner and never let you down, “save cost and earn money” is what we can promise to all our clients!

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