How To Dye Your Bundles Blond Without Ruin The Lace - Fastest & Easiest Way To Dye Wigs
2019/12/12 9:42:03

Dye Your Wig, No Stained Lace - Water Color Method

Many people have a problem when repairing wigs. Too monotonous black color will be boring. They want to dye their human hair wig fashion color such as blond, blue or red, but are afraid of hurting it. How to dye your hair wig without damage the lace? Today Just Virgin Hair presents the fastest and easiest way to dye human hair bundles blond, using the watercolor method. And detail how to protect the lace because nothing bad more than accidentally dying the lace as well and having that unnatural blond tint.

Tips To Dye Human Hair Bundles Blond

1. Protect The Lace

You will have the closure that will be dying jet black, maybe in the length 20 inches. And you will have the bundles. Before you dip the hair in the water you need to protect the lace. Take the got to be glued blast free spray and take your closure and spray thoroughly like just completely cover it with the spray. Then take a blow-dryer and a little cool setting, dry it and make sure it's dry. Then layer it once again with some more free spray. it's very important that you make sure that before you add your second layer free spray it's completely dry. And do this for about two to four layers.

2. Mix The Hair Dye

Now that your closure is protected. Then use a door semi-permanent hair dye in the color blond. You can use about three bottles of the dye, heat water up on the stove. Bring it to a boil and let it set for about 5 to 10 minutes before putting it into bucket. And then pour the bottles of dye into the bucket and stirring using a plastic spoon and making sure it's just evenly distributed.

3. Color Your Bundles

Placing bundles into that water, place them in hole and then lastly add in your closure. So you let your hair sit in the watercolor mixture for about 15 to 20 minutes and just make sure that your hair is well saturated and that it will soak in the dye, you can leave for 15 minutes. So after the 15 minutes, just take it out and rinse off the hair dye in this scene.

4. Take A Conditioner

Take a conditioner, you can use silicon mixed conditioner, that's like the best conditioner for weaves, or staff like bundles and parentals in my opinion. Getting it off the hair, let the conditioner sit for about 20 minutes. So you could get a nice deep conditioned. Lastly, you can see nice black hair bundles.