How To Dye Lace Human Hair Wig Avoiding The Lace Knots Dye At Home?
2019/12/9 18:07:04

How To Dye Lace Human Hair Wig Avoiding The Lace Knots Dye At Home?

You have a human hair lace wig, but don’t like the color on you or get sick to wear the same color for a long time, how could you dye (color) it without ruining the lace & knots? In this article, JVH shows you some certain techniques perfectly, which can guide you color your human hair lace wigs at home, avoid the lace/knots dye.

How To Dye/Color Natural Brown Lace Wigs To Black or Other Color?

Usually you use 88 Jet black box dye wigs but always end up ruining your lace in some way shape or form, so here we introduce the water color hair dye method on some natural color off black. As you know, if the knots are bleached, the hair at the route right at the lace is very like going to be a little lighter as well. But here we use a certain technique to make sure that not happen:

Things needed:

Adore Hair Dye
Got2b Glued for wigs
Got2b Ultra Glued
Water Containers

Now follow these steps to dye your wig:

  1. Grab the Got2b Glued in the yellow bottle and squirt a generous amount of this into a mixing bowl
  2. Add in the guts of Got2b Ultra Glued (a styling gel in the black bottle) and mix these two together
  3. Use a brush to put the mixture on the lace for creating the perfect seal to protect our bleached knots, concentrate it wherever at the front of your lace wig is and where your part is going to be or you can just do it all over the lace that way your knots can remain bleach and won't be affected by the hair dye.
  4. Once you get a nice coat over all the lace, take a blow dryer and start blow drying it for about 20 to 30 minutes, make sure it is completely dry to ensure that you don't ruin your lace or your bleach knots.
  5. Grab the hair dye and add it into some warm water, then take a spoon and mix it all up.
  6. Take out your lace wig and slowly set it into the water, put the lace part of the wig on the front. With this watercolor method, we use warm water and once that glue hit the seal would start to dissolve slowly so make sure that the lace is the last part that you put into the warm water.
  7. Check on the lace to make sure that the glue isn’t coming off and it pretty much always stay in place after letting the wig sit in the water.
  1. After letting the wig sit in the water for about ten minutes, pull it out and rinse it in cold water just to get any remaining dye off of the hair and to also remove that excess glue that you used to seal the lace.
  2. Lay the lace wig out water and start brushing out any tangles or knots that came from being sloshed around in the water. Then Use hair dryer to dry the wig.