How To Dye A Synthetic Wig - Easy Methods To Color Your Synthetic Hair
2019/12/12 9:45:13

How To Dye A Synthetic Wig - Easy Methods To Color Your Synthetic Hair

Are you tired of your daily hairstyle or planning to dress yourself up with colorful hair? If so, you may want to dye a synthetic wig. The question is, can we dye a synthetic wig to customize it? It may seem confusing because you can’t dye a synthetic wig with ordinary hair dye way, but it's quite feasible. Just follow us to get know the simply steps and tips for coloring your synthetic wigs.

Dye Your Synthetic Wigs To Get Customized Hairstyle

Synthetic wigs are increasingly becoming fashion accessories, and they allow you to change your hairstyle in the easiest and cheapest way without having to cut your hair or go to a hair salon. Some people use synthetic wigs to imitate the appearance of a star or theatrical character, some use it to create a personalized outfit such as a Halloween masquerade, and some use it to pursue trendy hairstyles. Due to advances in technology, premium synthetic hair bundles looks almost like human hair with the great texture.

Can usually be worn directly with little or no style is the most attractive aspect of synthetic hair. The fiber used has a "memory" function, which can be used for waves, hair loops and curls to make the hair bounce back to the original position with minimal force-permanently fixing the hair loop pattern. It can stay stable even in bad weather and can ensure that it does not sag and curl. However, synthetic hair lacks versatility, cannot be made differently to look like its counterpart in human hair wigs. Only special "heat-friendly" synthetic hair can be heat-set to change the style of curls. Therefore, when the wearer is tired of the inherent style of the wig, it will be left idle, but the dyeability of synthetic wigs provides you with a variety of styles. Below we are going to show you 3 easy synthetic wig dye methods, follow us to check out the steps and tips!

How To Dye/Color Synthetic Wigs?

Ready Work for Dying Synthetic Wig

No matter which method you use for dyeing, you need to prepare:

Wig: The texture of the wig and the existing color will affect the final effect after dyeing, so when buying artificial wigs, you should not only choose high-quality hair (the hair is evenly distributed on the entire hair), but also try to choose a light-colored synthetic Hair (white, silver-gray or gold wigs are more easily dyed darker, while dark synthetic hair cannot be changed to lighter)

Tools: Fiber dye, or Roux Fanci Full Rinse (color close to your wig), empty spray bottle, wig dye fixative (optional)

Clean: Make sure the wig is clean (no grease or hair care products) and dry to get the best dyeing effects.

Protect: Wear old clothes and latex gloves. Put on an old outfit that you can safely soil to prevent dye stains. Also put on latex gloves before handling anything to keep your hands clean and minimize the mess.

Dyeing Synthetic Wig

There are three different types of synthetic hair dyeing methods to choose from, depending on the effect you want to achieve:

1.Fiber Fabric Dyeing

Choosing the right liquid fiber hair dye can change the color of an artificial wig most comprehensively. Mix about 4 ounces of synthetic hair dye with 1 gallon of water. Because water temperature can be an important factor in the dyeing process, be sure to read the instructions on the fabric dye package carefully before proceeding. The synthetic hair was completely immersed in the mixture and allowed to soak for about 45 minutes. Rinse and condition hair, then squeeze excess moisture out. Check to make sure it is the color you want, if not, repeat the staining process until you get the color you want.

2.Hair Color Rinse Dyeing

If you want to temporarily change the color of your hair and make your wig softer, a bottle of Roux Fanci Full Color Rinse can solve it. Because the color rinse contains no ammonia or peroxide, it can be reused as many times as needed to obtain the desired dyeing results. Color rinses usually last about four to six times in color, and they are a great way to try out cute hair coloring methods without permanent hair coloring. In order to make the hair color even, pour the rinse into the spray bottle. Spray the hair with Fanci full rinse, and then spray from the root of the wig to the tip with a brush to get the hair dye absorbed. Apply the dye to as many strands as necessary until the desired area is covered. Without rinsing, dry directly and spray as many times as needed.

3.Multicolor Highlighting Dyeing

If you want unique and colorful streaks on your hair, dye them one by one with the dyed Sharpie logo or permanent dye fixative. Starting from the root of the hair, hold the dye fixative so that the broad edge of the tip is facing the hair shaft, and spray along the hair until you get the effect you want. Multicolor highlighting will be a long, slow process, so you need to plan enough free time to do it.