How to Cut the Extra Lace off Your Lace Frontal Wig Properly for Beginners
2019/12/9 18:09:01

Lace front wigs are hot sellers around the world because of its comfort and beauty, you can customize the hairline to make it natural and create particular style you like, but most human hair wigs and synthetic wigs come with more lace than needed, you need to cut or trim the extra lace on the wig before wearing. Here brings the guide for how to cut lace off frontal wig properly for beginners.

How to Cut the Lace off Your Wig Properly? - Quick Guide for Cutting the Lace

wig, the hairline is designed can blend with your skin of forehead. Check out the steps in detail, master the skill fast.

What tools do you need for cutting the lace on wigs?

- Wig stand or mannequin head: for placing the lace front wig, you can also wear the wig on your head and cut the lace
- Scissors: the most important tool, used to cut the extra lace
- Clips: secure the wigs
- Tweezers: customize your hairline

Steps for cutting the lace off lace front wig fast

1. Place the wig appropriately

Put the human hair wig on the mannequin head or wig stand, or wearing it on your head. Adjust it to correct location, secure the lace and clip the hair away from the lace with the clips.

2. Cut the part near your ear away

You should have the lace literally from ear to ear, cut the corner close to the ear off, notice do not cut your ear.

3. Cut the lace into sections

Start from the middle, cut your lace into two parts along a straight line with good scissors, then cut the rest into more similar small sections.

4. Cut each piece of the lace

Do not cut straight across the lace to avoid the straight hairline, you can cut the small piece easily without messing it up. Trim it with kind of going up-down motion. Just snipping away piece by piece

5. Glue the lace

If you are cutting the lace on your own head, use adhesive glue to glue the left lace onto your head. Wrap your head with a scarf until the glue is dry.