How To Customize & Style Lace Front Wig (Human Hair Wig) | Wig Customizing Guide
2020/2/23 23:26:34

When you are going to wear a wig, the most important thing is of course that the wig is not recognizable. So we want to achieve a perfect hair extension. To do that, the wig has to be adjusted, this is called wig customizing. In this hair beauty guide, in order to get the most gorgeous natural hairstyle, we go over wig customizing tips and steps which feature bleach lace knot, cut lace off, restyle wig and more!

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How To Customize & Style A Human Hair Wig For Natural-Looking?

It’s actually a lot less complicated than many would think. In the below 5-6 easy steps, you can have a perfectly styled human hair wig!

Step 1: Bleach The Knot of Lace Front

With darker human hair wigs made of virgin hair, you should first lighten the knots tied in the net that fasten the hair to reduce their visibility. Otherwise, these knots in the hairpiece look like black dots on the scalp, as you can see from the black wig on the left. So bleach the knots on your lace front or lace closure can make the hair look natural like growing from the scalp.

How To Bleach (Lighten) Knots On A Lace Closure/Frontal?

  • 1. Prepare commercially available bleaching and a fine art brush.

  • 2. Turn over the wig from the outside in, so that you can see the inside and attached to a wig head or something like

  • 3. Take the artificial brush and just dab on the knots with bleaching. 

  • 4. Let the bleaching take effect until you see no difference to your own scalp. 

  • 5.The less practice, the more mess. In an emergency: wash out and start again.

Step 2: Cut The Lace Off A Lace Wig

Some wigs have pre-cut tulle, but for those who do not, the tulle must be cut. It is a delicate process that requires agility, a good pair of scissors and a lot of patience. Cut about a quarter inch of the lace all the way around the front and sides of the wig. 

How To Cut Lace Off A Lace Front or Closure Wig?

  • 1. To do this, use long, flowing scissor blows to avoid jagged edges. 

  • 2. Find the center of the front side of the lace wig and slide the thin hair clip vertically to mark the position. There should be two same lace pieces on each side of the clip.

  • 3. Cut the hair on each side of the center-back clip using the two large hair clips. This will keep stray hairs from being cut.

  • 4. Cut about a quarter-inch of the lace all around the front and sides of natural hair wigs. 

  • 5. It is best to cut small portions of lace instead of all at the same time, as cutting too much tulle would ruin the wig.

  • 6. Remove the center marking clip. Keep the hair trimmed back, adjust the clips as necessary.

  • 7. Cut the lace back toward the start of the hairline at the front. The lace that is on the forehead will be most visible, so it should be trimmed all the way to the hairline. Pull the lace tight with your fingers while cutting to ensure even, smooth lines. 

  • 8. Trim the sides of the lace front wig so that only about one-eighth of an inch of the lace protrudes under the hairline. Because this part is not as visible as the front area, it is not necessary to cut the lace all the way to the sides.

  • 9. To make sure there are no jagged edges, please double check the trimmed lace. Also ensure that the lace is completely even cut, especially around the brow area.

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Step 3: Customize Lace Frontal Hairline

After gluing and fixing the lace frontal on your head, to make your extension more undetectable and natural, you not only need to blench the lace knots, but also should customize hairline with some baby hair. We want to copy our own hairline as well as possible by adjusting the wig now. 

How To Customize Lace Frontal Wig Hairline?

  • 1. First, it's best to attach the wig to the wig stand. 

  • 2. Then tweezers and scissors are used. It is important that you try as much as possible to map your own hairline.

  • 3. Place the tweezers close to the lace, press the net lightly against the wig head with your free hand and pull out hair. 

  • 4. Use tweezers to tear out individually some of the hair at the base of the wig or cut the base hair shorter to get the so-called baby hair.

  • 5. Some also pull the hair out by hand, depending on how well the hair is knotted in the lace. 

  • 6. Now you can edit the wig individually, cut, etc. The goal is to get a very natural result. 

  • 7. We have short baby hair right at the beginning. Wig hair, on the other hand, is unnaturally perfect. So cut a few strands according to your own hair. 

  • 8. This step can be very time-consuming. So take your time.

Step 4: Define The Part of Your Wig

To make your lace front wig part look natural, something you need to do.

How To Create A Part For Lace Front Wig?

  • 1. Use a wide-tooth comb to create a part on one side of your hair or follow the hard parting that your hairdresser previously cut. 

  • 2. If you are doing this without the help of a hairdresser, put the wig on your head and decide where you want to part the hair. 

  • 3. Make sure it's centered and try different options before you commit!

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Step 5: Style Your Wig Hairstyle

There are lots of options for how you can change the style of your human hair wig! You can cut your hair to a shorter length, add layers, create bangs for a variety of different looks, or straighten your curly wig, or perm your straight lace wig for getting a chic body wave. Remember to always use good quality hair scissors and accessories and take your time! With a little patience, you can cut and style your own wig at home.

How To Restyle Your Lace Front Wig?

  • Adjust Hair Length: To do this, pull on the wig once and measure the distance between one ear and the other ear. Then the wig is attached to the wig stand and cut to the desired length. To do this, cut off the excess length and then sew the rest of the wig part onto the hair.

  • Hairstyling, with or without a wig head: now, some women prefer to style their wig on their own head, while others prefer to put it on support and style it as well. Whatever your preferences, a wet wig is easier to style. Mousse and styling serums are generally applied to wet hair to smooth it out. Remember to be gentle, because you don't want to stress the ties that hold the wig together. To reshape your wig into natural hair, you can use a hairdryer, curling iron or straightening iron only on low-temperature settings or electric rollers on medium setting.