How to Brush a Wig - The Best Way to Untangle Wigs & Wigs Brushing Tips
2019/12/4 15:24:41

After a period of use, human hair wigs may become messy and knotted, especially the long curly wigs, makes the wig is not easy to style and does not look good. So today we'll introduce you how to brush a wig and make it untangled.

How to Brush a Wig - The Best Way to Untangle Wigs

Right brushing can restore you wigs back to the previous beauty. Before brushing the wigs, you need to prepare some tools

What should you have?

- Conditioner. Choose right conditioner according to the types of your wigs, like synthetic wigs, virgin hair wigs, long straight wigs, wavy curly wigs, etc.
- Comb. A wide toothed comb is a must. It's better to use a special wide toothed iron comb to instead of wood comb or plastic ones, so it won't generate static electricity.
- Clips. It's helpful to use a duckbill clip to hold the hair out of the way.

The Way to Untangle a Wig

You can put your wig on a wig stand or a mannequin head for more convenience to comb. If you don't have neither of them, you can wear it by yourself and brush it in front of a mirror. The most important thing to untangle wigs is to keep your patience and

- If your wig is not very messy, apply the hair care cream on your wig, then use the anti-static comb brush it along with the original direction of straight or curly hair.
- If the wig is heavily tangled or very chaotic, you should wash the wig firstly. Remember to use essence or conditioner and do not rub the wig too hard.

  • Divide your wig into smaller pieces.
  • Choose one of them, start from the bottom or base wig and working your way up.
  • Move the brush up a few inches once until this piece of wigs smoothly
  • Take your clip and clip the completed section to the opposite side of the head, to separate the untangled wig and tangled wig.
  • Continue to comb the next piece until finished all.

In order to reduce the knots on your hair extensions, minimize breakage, expand the lifespan and make your hairpiece easier to style, there are some points you should know.

- Comb from one end to another end.
- Try to not comb wet synthetic wigs.
- Use a hard material, wide-toothed comb. Do not use horsehair or soft fiber brushes.
- It's better to put the wig on a stand or mannequin head to retain its shape.
- If the wigs have very tight waves or curls, take your time and use your fingers to separate them slowly
- If there is a knot that you cannot get to untangle, you can take a pair of scissors and just trim a single hair or two around the knot to see if that loosens it up.