How To Bleach The Knots On Your Lace Wig or Lace Hairpiece (Lace Front/Lace Closure) Properly?
2020/4/5 16:29:17

Bleaching the knots of Lace Wig or Lace Hairpiece aims to reduce the visibility of the hair fixing knots on the lace in order to obtain a natural root effect, it does not aim to make the knots transparent. This is only possible on natural hair fixed on a lace part. Bleaching the knots of a lace wig is a delicate operation that must be carried out with quality products, very precise exposure time and an essential care step so that the hair does not fall out. In this post, we explain how to successfully bleach your lace wig or lace front closure knots.

What Are Lace Wig Knots and How To Make It?

If you're unfamiliar with knots this is how your knots look on your lace wigs, you'll see them right at the lace, which are the hair ties that hold them on the tulle. Here's how it goes in the workshop. The hair is tied once on the perimeter and twice on the rest of the wig. You can imagine the incredible work that this represents! Let's talk about the different types of knots:

Double Knots - These types of knots give a very big appearance in size and are very visible. Double knots are harder to bleach and mostly found 2 inched behind wig hairline.

Lace Wig Double Knots.png

Single Knots - These knots are smaller in size and are normally found at the front hairline of lace wigs. Single knots are easier to bleach and give a more natural hairline appearance.

Lace Wig Single Knots.png

These knots are more or less visible depending on the color of the hair and the color of the tulle. For example, the knots of brown hair will be seen more on a transparent tulle than on a brown tulle. Blond hair knots will, on the contrary, be almost invisible on transparent tulle.

If necessary the knots are bleached in order to make them undetectable. It is a chemical bleaching process. The products used are the same as those used in the salon to bleach hair. Knots that slip and fall is the No. 1 problem of wigs wearers and lovers. While incorrect bleaching of knots is one of the factors that can accelerate hair loss regardless of the method of attachment (double or single knots). So if like me you wear your lace wig every day and want to keep it for a long time, we advise you to follow our tutorial to discolor the lace wig knots at home!

How To Bleach Lace Wigs or Hairpiece Knots?

Bleaching the lace wig knots is a delicate operation because we have to measure two factors: the degree of bleaching, and the weakening of the complement that can result. Therefore, although bleaching knots is a simple operation, it needs to be doubled carefully. If you think it is too troublesome to bleach for you but want to get the most natural effect, JVH transparent lace wig is the ideal choice. Let's jump right in bleaching this wig now:

Bleach Lace Wig Knots.png

You Need Knots Bleaching Kit Consisting of:

  • A porcelain or plastic bowl, 

  • Bleaching powder (Some type of bleach powder such as Clairol BW 2, if you are a beginner please only go to Clairol 20 Developer, the higher developer, the lighter the nuts will be, depending on your complexion (depend on what color you need your knots to be),

  • A Cream developer,

  • A Plastic knife

Bleaching Knots of Lace Wig or Lace Frontal (Closure) In Steps

  • Step 1: Mix Bleach

When mixing your bleach always go by the directions on how much to mix. Pour the bleaching powder into the bowl with a measuring spoon (about 15-20 grams for a supplement), then add the cream developer while stirring with the knife until a thick paste, not too liquid. If you are using a hair bleach that is white, add a little bit of purple hair dye and sewage, this helps to tone down any brassiness that may occur when you bleach the knots. However, they do have the bleach powders that already come purple so if you can get one of those it will help tremendously.

  • Step 2: Protect The Hair

Spray the hair with a little bit of oil or water, so if any of that bleach seep through it will protect the hair.

  • Step 3: Turn The Wig Inside Out

You need to turn your wig inside out and put the complement upside down on a curved surface (the ideal being a polystyrene head on which we attach the complement using pins).

  • Step 4: Begin The Bleach Process

Start to scribble the mixed bleach at the front of the hairline with the plastic knife is where the single knots and where the most natural appearance is going to be, so you need to be more delicate with the single knots when applying the bleach. While when bleaching the double knots, you can kind of be a little bit more aggressive as how firm you press that bleach on to the cap, because double knots are more stubborn to take to the bleach.

  • Step 5: Let Sit For 15 To 20 Mins (Time Will Vary For Different Wigs)

Let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes, time will vary depending on the hair, the color will also vary. Here is an example of how the knots will bleach from black all the way to a pale yellow just depending on how long and how many sessions you do. Hair normally starts at black, it goes to brown, red brown, red, red-orange, orange-yellow and then a pale yellow, these colors are not avoidable. So a lot of times when people get they're not stays say "oh it looks orange" "it looks brassy", you can use purple shampoos to tone the brassiness down, you can't avoid the colors that is going to change as this is just the natural bleaching process.

  • Step 6: Properly Wash Wig

Once you get your desired color, it's time to wash your hair!  We have a detailed routine on how to wash a wig, be sure to check that out.

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