How To Avoid Itching With Wigs & What To Do If Your Human Hair Wig Itches?
2020/1/31 12:34:22

Human hair wigs are particularly popular with those affected with diffuse hair loss (diffuse alopecia) and hair loss due to chemotherapy, due to the huge advantages of human hair wigs. Human hair lace wigs not only give them back their self-esteem, but they also feel natural. Sometimes a wig made of human hair, depending on the processing, can irritate the scalp. Itching can also occur in very sensitive people. How to make a wig not itchy or how to do if your human hair wig itches? We have put together some tips and solutions for you that can help if your human hair wig itches.

Avoid Human Hair Wigs Itching Tips & Solutions

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Tip 1: Be Sure To Pay Attention To The Way Your Human Hair Wig Is Made

When choosing your second hairstyle from human hair, you should not only pay attention to the human hair quality, but also to the method of production and wearing comfort. Because everything is mutually dependent. The hair replacement should make you feel comfortable.

For example, wigs made of human hair are not suitable for everyone. Although they are cheaper than hand-knotted models, allergy sufferers and cancer patients as well as neurodermatitis sufferers often have problems with them. Human hair or synthetic hair: which wig should you choose?

Cotton ribbons with machine-sewn hair are called wefts. These are cut to size and sewn together for the respective outfit. The braids often irritate the scalp and itch in those affected. Even hair replacement, which consists partly of human hair wefts and partly of monofilament, is not suitable for sensitive people, since parts of the outfit are still processed with wefts. Those affected need much better and finer processing of the gear. And this can only be found in a hand-knotted human hair wig with a lace front. Each real hair is tied individually in extremely delicate monofilament and in the finest lace tulle for the front and sides.

Tip 2: Note The Habituation Phase

If you are trying on a hair replacement for the first time, the feeling will certainly be very unusual for you. Of course, the scalp has to get used to it first. It is best to start wearing your human hair wigs only by the hour and gradually increase the wearing times so that you can get used to it well. At some point you will no longer feel that you are wearing a wig.

Tip 3: Use The Cotton or Nylon Wig Liner

However, sometimes it happens that the human hair wig itches from the beginning. Then it is advisable to use a liner. It mostly consists of cotton, nylon and elastane and therefore feels like a pair of tights. So it is very smooth and gentle to the scalp. You can attach your wig to this under-hood with adhesive strips or clips.

Tip 4: Have Customized Wigs

Some chemotherapy treatments can change the complexion. The skin then becomes more sensitive and prone to irritation, especially when wearing a human hair wig. In this case, it is particularly important to pay attention to the quality of the outfit. Especially with a severely irritated scalp, good second hair specialists offer a special, soft relining of the hair replacement. If the skin changes wet or persist for a long time, a dermatologist should definitely be consulted.

Tip 5: Regular Wash & Care of Your Human Hair Wig

In order to prevent debris from getting stuck in the outfit, you should clean your hair replacement regularly and carefully and subject it to special care. For human hair wigs, there are special care products such as shampoo and conditioner in specialist shops and from your secondary hair specialist, which are directly matched to hair replacement made from real hair. You should not use other products to avoid damaging the second hairstyle. Because the care products for human and synthetic hair differ in their formulation. However, there are also products that are suitable for cyber hair and human hair. Therefore, always pay attention to the information on the packaging. Read our Human Hair Lace Wig Washing Tips to learn how to shampoo and care for your Human Hair & Synthetic wig properly.

Tip 6: Regular Care of Your Scalp

Your scalp also needs regular and careful care so that there are no new skin irritations. Do not apply cream to your scalp immediately before putting on your real hair wig. It is better to apply the cream in the evening after cleaning your scalp. You should also always use gentle care products without allergenic ingredients and above all without fragrances. Because natural fragrances such as essential rose or lavender oil can also irritate sensitive skin, even if the fragrance oils are only incorporated into creams in small quantities.