How To Apply & Remove Clip-In Hair Extensions?
2020/3/13 14:16:36

How To Apply (Put On)& Remove (Take Off) Clip-In Hair Extensions?

Clip-in extensions are in the form of more or less wide strips, which can be installed and deposited by a system of click-clack clips. Installation and removal are extremely simple, since you can do it yourself at home. Do you want to know how to put on and take off clip in hair extensions correctly? Here are the tips from Just virgin Hair!

Having long hair is a dream for many women, but it is also a longer interview and some drawbacks. The best thing is, therefore, to be able, depending on your mood and your schedule, to adapt your hair length and volume. Impossible, you tell me? Well if possible, thanks to clip extensions! In addition to having length and volume, when you want, you can also adapt the color to give a tie and dye or ombre hair effect to your hair without coloring it! Have you fallen in love with clip extensions and are wondering what is the best way to install them? Follow the guide! Find out how to install and remove clip-in hair extensions easily and quickly.

How To Install (Put On) Clip-In Extensions Step By Step?

Once your natural extensions are well chosen, it's time to move on to the pose. You can do this at a professional or, for clip-on extensions, do it alone at home. But be careful to know the right gestures to get a nice result.

Step1. Prepare everything you need: the best thing is that you acquire your hair curtains with the clips already incorporated since it greatly facilitates the process. Plus, a mirror, hairspray, and a fine-toothed comb can help.

Step2. Start, brush your human hair weaves well and leave no knots. Then make a clear parting by following the implantation of your hair, from one ear to the other. Tie the top wicks over your head so they don't bother you.

Step3. Once you have carded your hair, you can start putting on your clip-in extensions. Take an extension lock and open the clips to secure them to the root of your hair. For added support, you can use hair bands that are used to make mini braids. Make small pigtails with each strand, in the areas where the clips of your extensions will be hooked.

Step4. Start at one end of the strip and fix them one by one, in order, precisely and straight, pressing the clips against the roots. Be careful not to make a wave! Some find it easier to start in the middle ... It's up to you to use. If you have fine hair, you can add a little hairspray to fix it better.

Step5. The first strip is well fixed? Congratulations, you just have to repeat the maneuver, line by line, from bottom to top, as close as possible, until the extensions are used up. Please note:

  • The wider the extensions, the more they should be placed at the top of the head. The smallest are placed on the sides.
  • We will first place the narrowest strip of 10cm, 3 or 4 fingers above the nape.
  • We make another partition a little above the middle of the ear to the middle of the other ear, and repeat the process. We carded the root and then positioned the 25cm strip.
  • The next partition we will make 2 or 3 fingers above the previous strip, that way we will cover all the hair without noticing the natural haircut and extension.

Step6. Once the pose is finished, harmonize the hairstyle by brushing everything with a comb or your fingers. And that's how to install clip extensions.

Step7. And now that you have that long and / or voluminous mane that you wanted, comb your hair as you like. You can leave your hair loose or make pigtails, braids or collected.As you will see, hair extensions are very versatile and you can get the desired hairstyle.

Some Tips To Do After Hair Extension Installation

Knowing how to install clip extensions is not enough to ensure a good result. You will also have to keep good reflexes after the pose to preserve your hair. Also, consider taking care regularly and using a mild conditioner to avoid knots. Do not keep your extensions overnight, you risk hurting yourself and damaging them. If you want a lasting result, choose a hot or cold installation instead.

We Also Recommend The Following Tips To Preserve Your Hair Extensions

  • Style them with a smooth, curly or wavy finish before putting them on. It will be much easier for you.
  • Apply a conditioner, at least a couple of times a month, to prevent them from drying out, breaking and losing their excellent appearance.
  • Never fluff your extensions, as you could damage them. As an alternative, if you see it necessary, give volume to your hair in the areas where you are going to put them. To do this, use a fixing spray, applying it contrary to the hairline, and then move the fine-tooth comb.

How To Remove Clip-In Hair Extensions?

We are going to explain how to remove clip extensions, it’s very simple, no need for help!

Step1. Remove the clips one by one. Do it carefully to avoid pulling on the roots and to avoid pinching your teeth.

Step2. Pour a little water on the hair and brush it gently to avoid tangles.

Step3. Spread them on a towel or hang them so they remain stretched.

How To Wash Clip-In Hair Extensions?

If you wear clip extensions, you will maintain them like your own hair, but not on your head! Whether natural or synthetic, do it this way:

  1. Pour a few drops of mild shampoo into a container filled with warm water.
  2. Close all clips.
  3. Place the extensions in the same direction.
  4. Hold the strips by the clips and immerse them in the container.
  5. Using your fingers, wash them gently (without mixing them!).
  6. Rinse with clear water.
  7. Wipe them gently in a terry towel (without wringing them!).
  8. Let dry flat, preferably in the open air. If you use a hair dryer, hold it at least 15 cm and position it on warm air for natural hair. Do not use a hair dryer to dry synthetic hair which could be permanently damaged.
  9. On natural hair: After shampooing, apply a detangling balm and rinse with clear water. You can also, from time to time, spray a detangling spray on your extensions before styling them.
  10. Style them with a boar brush, holding them by the clips.
  11. Store them flat preferably when you are not wearing them, clips always closed.

Clip-in hair extensions, made with 100% natural virgin hair bundles, are usually better and last longer. Although they are more expensive, choose them if you have the option or you can make clip-in extension with hair bundles by yourself for saving cost. JVH’s virgin hair weaving bundles are the perfect choice for making extensions, our variety of hair textures ensures that it does not tangle because the tips and roots are placed in the same direction. We assure you that you will achieve a quality, silky and brilliant result with our 100% virgin hair bundles!