Hair Toppers (Top Hair Pieces) Guide - Advantages, Types, Cap Constructions, Apply and More
2020/4/16 10:31:52

Thinning hair can be extremely stressful, our hair is a big part of our physical identity and we all want to look and feel great. Depending on your level of hair loss, hair toppers also called top hair pieces can make a world of a difference. What you will love best about toppers is the instant volume you get what you really want to make a statement, it's just so easy to get the hair you want these days.

Justvirginhair - Hair Topper (Top Hairpiece)

What is Hair Topper (Top Hairpiece)?

Hair Toppers also known as top hairpieces, are used to cover thinning areas or bald spots at the top of the head, blend with your hair to add volume and coverage in an instant. Hair Toppers and Top Pieces can make a huge difference in your hair, are great solutions for beginning to mid-progressive stages of hair loss or for women who just want to add fullness to the crown/top area of their head.

Benefits For Applying Top Hair Pieces

  • Quickly add volume and fullness to where you wish you had it, you can even add bangs in a snap.
  • Hair toppers are a great solution for when you are not able to get in to see your hair colorist, perfect for covering up your pesky roots while you're waiting on your next salon visit.
  • Hair toppers aren't just for those who are losing hair, wearing a bonded hair topper can help you add volume and length to your existing hair.

There are however a few things you need to know to get the best results from your topper, the top pieces are not going to provide full coverage, if you need more coverage than just the front top or crown area, you might consider exploring a complete lace wig.

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How To Measure Hair Topper Size?

Measuring the area of hair loss and where coverage is needed is the most important thing to do before choosing a topper.

  • You want your topper to lay over and wider than the area of hair loss for best results, when measuring for a topper, measure approximately 3/4 of an inch past your hair loss area to make sure you have enough sturdy healthy hair to easily support the clips.
  • Keep in mind hair loss is usually progressive, so we recommend you measure it every six months, you want to make sure that your top pieces are right for you and you're not clipping it into thinning or weakened areas.
Justvirginhair - Measure Top Hairpiece

Hair Toppers (Top Pieces) Types

A good topper should easily clip into the top of your head, and enhance the volume to give you a natural fullness to your hair it is the perfect camouflage for thinning hair. Hair toppers come in different materials, shapes, and sizes. So do our individual hair loss needs beginning and advanced, there are options for each.

According To Raw Hair Material: Synthetic Hair Topper & Human Hair Hairpiece

The top piece is meant to be an extension of your hair, so factor this in when choosing fiber type and color. The deniers of your bio hair should resembled out of the top piece, deniers the thickness of a single strand of hair, some manufacturers use multiple sources of fiber when designing their top pieces, so make sure you take this into account:

  • Synthetic hairpieces: It is fit into anyone's budget but it's also harder to blend to varying textures of hair.
  • Human hair toppers: It blends in best, gives you the best versatility of styling and long server life, although it does come with a higher price tag, good value for money. Such as the human hair lace front/closure hairpieces on JVH, made of 100% virgin hair, can be styled freely and last for over 1.5 years!
Justvirginhair - Lace Closure
Justvirginhair - Lace Frontal

According To Hair Topper Cap Construction: Lace Front Hair Pieces, Monofilament Hair Topper

In addition to the difference in hair texture, there are many materials for making the base of Hair Toppers. Each cap base has its own advantages and disadvantages. Familiar with them will help you choose the ideal top pieces.

  • Lace Hair Toppers: Hair Piece Cap made of lace material is very lightweight and most breathable (suitable for summer and hot weather). It is also an ideal choice to ensure that you get a natural hairline that perfectly matches your hairstyle. Visible hair knots are a disadvantage of ordinary lace bases, but you can purchase transparent lace wig or HD lace wig with a more invisible effect, or you can reduce the visibility of the knots by bleaching.
  • Monofilament Hair Topper (Mono Top): Tie the heel hair to the soft and comfortable Monofilament mesh material, transparent and breathable. Mono Top is loved by women with sensitive scalp because of its excellent styling versatility and comfort without irritation. It can not only imitate the appearance of natural hair growth, but also be free to separate and style. The only drawback of Mono Base is that it is not as breathable as Lace Front.
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According To The Apply Methods: Lace Front / Closure, Clip-On Hair Topper

There are many ways to install Hair Topper on the top of the head, such as sew in, clip in and even gule. According to the different installation methods, we also divide the hair topper into the following two types:

  • Lace Front/Closure Hairpieces: Lace Front / Closure as a hair piece installed on the top of the head, we can also regard it as a type of Hair Topper, we can fix simple Lace Pieces on the top of the head by sew in or with special glue to achieve more Stable and long-term application effect.
  • Clip-On Hair Toppers: It's important to keep in mind a clip-on hair topper does need hair to clip into. The clips are pressure sensitive and small, when clipped into your hair properly they're quite comfortable, the clips will not damage healthy hair. Once you pick yours, simply align it over your coverage area, you can pull it up to the front hairline as a good lace front will give you the most natural look, or you can pull the piece back a bit to leave your natural hair out in front if you have the hair to do it. You can integrate it any way that looks best on you.
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