Hair Growth Guide: How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster & Longer?
2020/2/7 12:49:37

Have you had your hair cut and want it to grow back quickly? You have the feeling that your hair is not growing fast enough and you are searching online: how to make hair grow faster? In this hair growth guide, Justvirginhair.Com gives you some useful tips to help your hair grow faster and longer!

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How Do Hair Grow Faster?

In general, the speed of hair growth is determined by many factors, such as heredity, endocrine, mental status, nutritional status, and season. Under normal circumstances, human hair can grow on average 1.2 centimeters per month and 14.5 centimeters on an average year. Because each person's situation is different, and the influence of external factors, the speed of hair growth is also different.

While there is no one-size-fits-all cure that leads to hair grow faster for everyone, these tips can help:

  • Wash your hair properly.

  • Brush your hair often.

  • Massage your scalp regularly.

  • Use products that are known to make hair grow faster, such as caffeinated shampoo.

  • Eat lots of foods with proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, silicon and copper.

  • Avoid things that hinder your hair growth

Tips and Ways To Help Your Hair Grow Faster and Longer

Why does these tricks and tips make your hair grow faster all this help? We explain it to you in detail, but first we want to go into the topic of hair growth. 

Tip 1: Shampoo Your Hair Properly

The correct way of shampooing can prevent damage to the scalp, promote blood circulation in the head, and help hair growth. How to properly shampoo: Care your hair before you get wet; avoid pouring shampoo directly on your hair. Pour the shampoo in your palm and dilute it with a little warm water before applying it on your hair. The duration of the ministry is not less than ten minutes.

Tip 2: This Serum Stimulates Your Hair Growth

A hair growth serum helps to strengthen the hair from the root and thus promotes healthy hair growth. Natural ingredients such as ginger and black sesame stimulate blood flow to the scalp and activate the hair follicles.

Tip 3: Brush, Brush, Brush Your Hair Properly

Not a grandmother's fairy tale, but actually the easiest way to boost hair growth. Brushing vigorously for one to two minutes daily stimulates the circulation in the scalp. The circulation is important for the proper functioning of the hair follicles. These are tiny holes in the scalp where hair roots are formed. If these follicles are open and healthy, the hair will grow back quickly and vigorously.

Tip 4: Massage The Scalp

A regular massage also stimulates blood circulation to the scalp. This is how a massage that promotes hair growth works: Knead the scalp vigorously with all ten fingertips with one gripping movement. Additional bonus: the natural hair oil, also called sebum, is distributed. After a massage, the hair shines like a mirror.

Tip 5: Use These Products To Help Your Hair Grow

Shampoos that contain caffeine stimulate the blood circulation in the scalp and your hair grows faster. Biotin comes from the group of B vitamins and gives new hair to new energy. Biotin is found in pumpkin seeds, spinach, bananas, dairy products and strawberries. You can also take it as a dietary supplement.

Tip 6: Healthy Nutrition For Fast Hair Growth

Healthy eating is essential anyway. We need proteins for the formation of keratin. This is the horn that our hair is made of. Copper is essential for pigmentation, i.e. for hair color. Vitamin E keeps scalp and follicles healthy, silicon ensures that the hair does not break. Also very important is the supply of omega 3 fatty acids, which make our hair shine healthily.

Which foods contain which valuable substances?

  • Proteins in lentils, pumpkin seeds, almonds, spelled, oats and millet, among others.

  • For example, high doses of Kuper are contained in matjes, grapes, avocado and cashew nuts.

  • Vitamin E, also known as a beauty vitamin, is also found in walnuts, sunflower and olive oil.

  • Silicon is the number one trace element for our skin, nails and hair. Good sources for the hair growth booster are millet, oats, and nettles, which by the way taste great as a soup.

  • Omega 3 fatty acids in chia seeds, herring, and salmon.

Tip 7: Avoid Things That Hinder Your Hair Growth

Because hair growth is affected by external factors, good care, and the above techniques can make your hair grow faster. The following factors may hinder your hair growth. So you should pay attention to a few things:

1.) Lack of Nutrients

Lack of nutrients causes slow growth. Vitamins of the B complex, which, among other things, keep the nervous system stable, are particularly important for fast, healthy hair growth. The lack of zinc is also to blame for delayed hair growth. The trace element is important, among other things, for the health of the skin, including the scalp, from which our hair should sprout quickly and healthy. The highest dose of zinc is in oysters. If you don't like them or can't pay for them, you can order beef, sea fish, cheese and whole-grain products.

2.) Reduce Dyeing

Many fish have fish scales. The overlapping fish scales can protect most of the damage and attack from the outside. Once the fish scales are damaged, the fish is likely to infect the parasite and die immediately. The same is true for hair. During the process of dyeing and scalding the hair, the alkaline components and oxidation in the potion will cause the scales on the surface of the hair to be damaged. Keeping the internal structure of the hair in an unprotected state will cause the loss of internal moisture and nutrients, which will be harmful to the hair, scalp and hair follicles, and will more or less denature the keratin of the hair, making the hair prone to yellowing and brittleness. No gloss, no elasticity, fragile and fragile.

3.) Never Drink Too Much!

Excess alcohol slows down the metabolism. This in turn prevents your hair from growing quickly. Long-term heavy drinking causes the daily diet to be disrupted or causes other chronic diseases, which can cause hair loss.

4.) Underactive Thyroid

An underactive thyroid is responsible for problems with your hair growth. In this case, certain hormones that ensure a smooth metabolism are not released. The result: hair loss and inhibited hair growth. Get them tested by your family doctor with the right medication, you can get the thyroid under control again quickly.

5.) Ongoing Stress

If the nerves go through with you, this can lead to hair growth disorders, in the worst case, to hair loss. Ongoing stress is the biggest culprit. Stress not only makes us obnoxious but also makes us sick. If soul and body are not in harmony, this can have a negative effect on our hair growth.

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