Hair Extensions On Short Hair - How To Blend Hair Extensions With Short Hair
2020/4/20 14:40:04

You are tired of your short hair and want to have charming and sexy long hair, can it be achieved by applying hair extensions? In this article, we will tell you how to blend hair extensions with short hair.

By wearing hair extensions, you can add length and volume to your natural hair which can change your look quickly and safely. However, you may be hesitant to buy hair extensions because you have short hair. You may ask “Can I wear hair extensions on short hair?” “Is it possible to apply hair extensions if I have short hair?” “What are the best hair extensions for short hair?”. So we decided to make an article about it.

Can I Apply Hair Extensions On Short Hair?

Hair extensions on short hair? Is it possible? Yes! Be careful, however, what do you mean by short exactly? If you have hair so short that you can't even use a hair clip or a hairband, it would be better for you not to buy hair extensions. There is nothing more unpleasant than buying something you can't even use! If your hair is so short that you can't even use simple hair accessories, we don't recommend buying hair extensions.

We want to tell you the truth: we prefer that you put your money in something useful and that you are going to love. If you buy hair extensions and try to install them on short hair like this, you are not going to like the result at all. On too short hair, even clip-on extensions will not look good on you. The result will not be natural and it may even be that the extensions do not hold securely on your hair.

Here are the 2 options open to you:

  • Buy a wig if you really hate short hair
  • Wait a few months for your hair to grow back

So what is the minimum hair length you need to be able to wear hair extensions on short hair?

  • Make sure you have a minimum hair length of 3 to 5 inches!
  • We even recommend a length of 5 inches so that the hair extensions really fit well on you. Thus, the hair extensions can hold well and the result will be more beautiful and natural.
  • From an optimal point of view, you will still need to have hair up to the nape of the neck. Without this minimum length, the achievable rendering and cutting will not have the expected rendering.

What Are The Best Hair Extensions For Short Hair?

The best hair extensions for short hair will depend on your needs. If you are looking to wear hair extensions occasionally, clip-on hair extensions are perfect. Otherwise, you can opt for hair extensions with adhesive strips if you have fine hair. Keratin bone extension and micro ring hair extensions are also recommended if you really want to make a drastic change. The length you choose. For a nice result, you can choose a square or a mid-length cut (maximum length at the shoulder blades).

How To Install (Apply) Hair Extensions On Short Hair?

Difference Between Wearing Hair Extensions On Long and Short Hair

  • The big difference between applying extensions to short hair and applying hair extensions to long hair is the number of extensions that the installation will require. In fact, the shorter your hair, the greater the amount of hair extensions.
  • This is due to the fact that it will be necessary to reconstitute the capillary mass in addition to the length in order to avoid a flush effect on the lengths. This mass of hair thus reconstituted will serve as the basis for the cut, thus avoiding a "helmet" effect with the client's short hair which would always be visible in the event of lack of extensions.
  • In the case of applying extensions to short hair, a gradient cut is compulsory. Only this haircut will completely camouflage the client's short hair.

Detailed Steps To Apply Clip-On Hair Extensions On Short Hair

If you want to install hair extensions on your short hair, the easiest and fastest way is to use clip-on hair extensions. While how to blend hair extensions with short hair well? Discover below our guide which will certainly help you to better wear your clip-on hair extensions on short hair, also works for fine or damaged hair!

  • Step 1: Hair and untangle your hair well to avoid the formation of knots. Using a tail comb, make a parting line going from one ear to another and tie the hair of the upper part well with pliers.
  • Step 2: Now set up the highlights. Place them correctly at the root level. Make sure that the bands are well fixed. For too fine hair, it is recommended to curl your hair at the root.
  • Step 3: Repeat the operation until the bands are all attached to the back of the skull and also to the sides.
  • Step 4: Once the additions have been made, style your hair well to mix the hair extensions with your own hair. As our extensions are all made of 100% natural hair of Indian origin, you can straighten, curl and style it like your own hair.

More Tips:

  1. If you have short fine hair, go on volumes of 100g or 160g so that the extensions blend perfectly with your natural hair to give the right length and the desired volume. You also can choose wavy hair extensions as they add extra volume.
  2. If you have straight short hair in 3-5 inches, straight hair and curly hair extensions are good choices; but for shoulder-length straight hair, straight hair extensions would be better blend with your short hair.
  3. Prefer Virgin Hair quality hair extensions, because they are of impeccable quality and adapt to all hairstyles: short, medium-length, long.
  4. Always use the proper care products to maintain your hair extensions.