Hair Extensions DIY: How To Make Clip-in Hair Extensions With Human Hair Bundles?
2020/3/12 15:04:49

Clip in human hair extensions are great for those looking for a fast and easy temporary style change. Want to create your own clip-in hair extensions and save money? Follow this DIY guide to learn how to make clip-in extensions and how to sew clips on human hair extensions!

How To Make Clip-in Hair Extensions With JVH Human Hair Bundles?

Clippings are great for clients who want to add extra density and fullness throughout their hair, also excellent for a pop of color or highlights throughout your hair. Want to have the beautiful hair extensions for your hairstyle and spend the least? JVH teaches you step by step how to make your very own clip-in hair extensions using our quality affordable virgin hair weaving bundles.

The Tools You Need For Making Clip-In Hair Extensions

To make these extensions you'll need scissors, weaving thread, curved sewing needles, the clipping clips that come in a variety of colors like black brown and even for blonde hair.

The Detailed Steps To Create Clip-In Hair Extensions

  • Step 1 - Your first step is going to be to thread your sewing needles. to do so, one hand take the end of your thread and one hand hold a curved sewing needle, leave it through the tiny hole, tie them in a knot and one more knot, take your scissors and cut off the excess so that it doesn't stick out on your weft.
  • Step 2 - Then you're going to take your bundle that you have and cut the elastic band, and be careful not to cut any hair. Once you have your human hair bundle completely unwrapped, leave the wefts doubled in half, the reason to double your wefts and sew them together is so that when you create your clip in extension, it's going to be a lot fuller than just one way.
  • Step 3 - Sew Your Weft Together - Taking the two ends of the weft and matching them together, then you're going to penetrate through the web at the ends. Sew right around the way, so again go up and through, wrap your thread around, then pull your thread through and walk it at the top of the way. keep on continuing that method all the way until you get to the end of the other folded side. when you're finishing up sewing the weft, make sure you penetrate the weft so that the end stays black so go straight through the wefts.
  • Step 4 - Once your wefts are sewn together, measure the nape of your neck and cut the weft where needed. Now be sure not to measure it too far because then your clips will be seen from the outside of your hairline. So what you need to do is measure to about 1cm padding on both sides. After measuring with your weft and get the exact measurement, mark it with your thumb and cut the way. To properly cut the weft, cut from above going straight down. Then pull away any access hair that could shed later.
  • Step 5 - Before we sew the clips onto the wefts, we need to prepare all the clips and open them, doing this helps you to prevent from sewing the clip on in the wrong direction (the direction you want to have your clip point is with the comb on the outside) this is what your clip clothes
  • Step 6 - Take our clip and the comb is facing the outside of the weft and it is still open, then we're going to place it at the end of the weft. Once you place your clip at the end of the weft, take your needle and thread, then put the needle through the weft, and through a tiny hole like the below picture show.  Place that hole right on top of the way, so when you sew through, you're going to go through both webs. Once you get the thread on the weft, you can go right back through and put your needle through the weft again. At the end is the only time we'll go through the weft. The reason you need to prevent going through the weft every single time is because going through the weft can encourage shedding
  • Step 7 - Now we've gone through one hole, don't just end it and go through the hole all the way at the end. Keep sewing and going through the comb teeth and around the weft. This time put the needle through and around the web, so going directly under and pulling upward, then go through and skip one.
  • Step 8 - At the ends, we're going to put needle go through that hole on the other side. As we did in the beginning, we're going to go through the weft at times as ending our threads, so going straight through the weft and the little hole, wrap the thread around for the needle tied. For securing it, you can go  ahead and do that same step.
  • Step 9 - The way you taught your threads off is to take the needle weave it through in a hole, and place it at the bottom of the weft, hold your thumb down and pull the thread,  that will make the knot be at the base. Repeat that process one more time, then take your scissors and cut so once you end it off the thread.
  • Step 10 - Continue to 7-9 and sew the right amount of clips to your weft. Then repeat all the steps above to make more clip-in extensions you need.

To apply the clip-in extension to your hair, open the clip and position it at the root area you would go straight through, and then close this clip by bending it against the steps. If you want to get know more detailed steps, please read our guide on how to apply clip in hair extensions.

Where To Buy Hair Extensions?

If you are looking for quality but cheap Clip-In Hair Extensions, welcome to check out JVH’s human hair bundles, made of 100% virgin hair collected from one donor, with original texture, can be dyed, curled and styled as your wish.

How Long Do JVH Hair Extensions Last?

JVH’s 100% human hair extensions can last over 1.5-2 years, under the proper caring and maintaining.

How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost?

When you want to buy a hair extension, your first concern may be how much the extension costs and whether I can afford it. Needless to say, high-quality hair extensions are definitely not cheap, but they can create the ideal hairstyle for you for a long time. However, don't worry, at JVH, you can buy high-quality virgin hair weaves at the lowest price, absolutely good value for money! Check out our Hair Extensions Prices now!