Features & Differences of Brazilian Hair, Indian hair, Malaysian Hair, Peruvian Hair
2020/4/8 10:27:42

When you are planning to invest hair extensions, virgin hair must be the best choice for lasting a the longest time! There is no lack of choice on the human virgin hair market (or not) and it is often difficult to distinguish between top grade virgin hair - Brazilian, Indian, Peruvian, Malaysian hair. Their names alone make us travel and sparkle in exquisite hair to fall from it. Let's sort the basics out so that everyone can determine, when choosing their hair extensions as an informed consumer.

What is Virgin Hair?

In theory, virgin hair is a hair that meets very strict quality standards. He has not undergone any aggressive, chemical or thermal treatment. Hair straightening, coloring or discoloration, permanent are banned. The hair fiber is therefore in perfect health, with intact cuticles. It's a Remy hair, that is to say, that the scales are all oriented in the same direction. A lock of virgin hair normally comes from a single donor. Suffice to say that it is a completely human hair - unlike some so-called commercial human hair, which as everyone knows, can be mixed with fibers of animal origin and even synthetic ... A virgin hair can therefore be colored, bleached, treated and styled like a natural hair, but always respecting the basic rules of care and softness.

Doesn't the label say virgin hair? This means that it underwent factory treatments before marketing, to color it, modify its texture.

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Top 4 Popular Types of Virgin Hair (Their Features & Differences)

Authentic, the best in the world, of superior quality, in mega promo or 100% natural, a little exploration on the net quickly makes you dizzy. The range of hair of all grades, from all origins is more than vast. While there are 4 popular human hair weaving types are widely loved by global customers: Brazilian Hair, Indian Hair, Malaysian Hair, Peruvian Hair. Each type of virgin hair bundles comes with its unique texture, features and advantages. Follow us to find out the differences between Brazilian Hair, Indian Hair, Malaysian Hair, Peruvian Hair now.

Brazilian Hair

Brazilian Virgin hair has a thick, shiny appearance and a rather soft touch, often available in great lengths. In good condition, it accepts styling, coloring, any styling practice respectful of its health. Often used for wig laces and other protective hairstyles, they can be smooth, wavy or curly. They generally hold the curls fairly well and do not require much maintenance in their smooth version. It is often hair with a treated texture. It is important to know that the vast majority of "Brazilian" wicks found on the market are most often Indian hair harvested from temples, while on JVH you can get the 100% unprocessed Brazilian hair.

Features & Advantages

Brazilian hair is straight or wavy, the course has high brightness, and holds a curl well

  • Delicate, toughness and thickness
  • Very coarse and thick texture
  • Soft and naturally wavy
  • Takes well to heat and styling
  • Can be treated with various textured styles.
  • Durable in humidity when properly cared for
  • Generally very dark (1B) but may have hints of brown as well
  • Great for making lace  wigs and sew-ins hair extensions
  • The Brazilian weave adjusts to almost all types of hair: frizzy, wavy, straight, curly
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Indian Hair

Harvested in temples by the donation of believers or sold by poor women, Indian virgin hair is very close to European hair. Virgin, Remy or treated for coloring or styling, it represents the best quality of Asian hair. Robust and light while being fine, this hair is very fashionable. You can do almost everything with these strands: brushing, smoothing, coloring. If you want beautiful curls, Indian hair is not the best suited because it has a smooth, vaporous appearance, at most wavy. Finally, we do not advise you to ignore their maintenance at the risk of finding yourself in a hell of a pain.

Features & Advantages

Indian hair is heavy/curly, has high brightness in soft, and holds a curl

  • Versatile, naturally silky and shiny
  • Lustrous and thick, making it more flexible and durable than other hair
  • Very good density and there is a slight bounce in it
  • Beautiful texture and naturally dark color works well for hair weaving applications
  • Best choice for long-running natural-looking hair extensions
  • Can be styled to achieve any look you want while the hair maintains its natural beauty
  • A great fit for all hair types, Indian hair is a continuous competitor for the best hair available
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Malaysian Hair

Malaysian virgin hair is believed to come from Malaysian donors. They are generally presented as virgin hair weave which has not undergone chemical treatment. Thicker and denser than Indian hair, Malaysian hair is also softer. Dark in color - black or dark brown, it is naturally supple and slightly wavy. They have a naturally very shiny appearance. This excessive shine generally fades after 2 or 3 champions. Soft and robust, Malaysian hair will satisfy those looking to have volume. Still new on the market, and with a limited source due to the country's small size, therefore real Malaysian virgin hair is more expensive than the others. A minimum of maintenance is necessary.

Features & Advantages

Malaysian hair is heavy, silky, very bright, and keeps a curl

  • Thickness, soft and versatile talent
  • Softer and silkier in texture than Indian hair
  • Thick or heavy compared to Brazilian hair
  • Natural luster, extremely silky and beautiful natural shine
  • Gives great bounce and heavy body
  • Comes naturally dark in color and natural straight
  • Range from light brown to dark brown to nearly black
  • Beautiful wave pattern that blends with medium and coarse textures
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Peruvian Hair

With very dense and hard texture, Peruvian virgin hair is among the most durable and robust. They will be perfect for fans of volume. It reflects the country's ethnic diversity through the colors and textures available - from black to light brown, from smooth to wavy, crimps and even curly. Very rare, these hair extensions are among the most expensive on the market.

Features & Advantages

Peruvian hair can be straight, wavy, or curly, silky medium glow, and a curl

  • Extremely thick, light, soft and brilliant
  • A little coarser and thicker in texture than Malaysian or Brazilian hair
  • Blends well with normal African-American relaxed hair textures and medium Caucasian hair textures
  • Require fewer bundles to give this hair a strong, full-body shape
  • Look naturally voluminous despite the fact it is lightweight
  • Extremely manageable even in times when hair isn’t maintained properly
  • Great for sleek straight styles as well as short & edgy styles
  • A multi-purpose and versatile hairstyle choice
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Choosing Hair Extensions According To Hair Quality

Virgin hair is by definition Remy, that is to say that 100% unprocessed hair collected from one donor with the cuticle scales all oriented in the same direction to preserve the longevity and the good appearance of your hairstyle. A Remy hair is also brighter, more toned. Some hair is mixed from multiple donors, and processed in the factory. They therefore do not benefit from the designation of virgin hair. They can however be Remy, if the orientation of the cuticles is homogeneous.

To summarize:

  • Top quality: Remy virgin hair. You can treat it, color it and style it like healthy natural hair. On Just Virgin Hair, we only sell wigs and human hair weaving made of 100% unprocessed top grade virgin hair.
  • Good quality: Remy hair. It has already been processed in the factory. Coloring, discoloration or chemical or thermal treatments, go in moderation.
  • Standard quality: neither virgin nor Remy, the hair has been chemically treated in the factory, and the cuticles are arranged randomly. They are therefore less resistant and less shiny than a Remy hair - a fortiori than a virgin hair. Take them as they come, and avoid any chemical or heat treatment.