Fastest Way To Install Lace Wig - Lazy 5 Minutes And No Glue Needed
2020/2/28 20:41:48

More and more girls and women choose to wear lace human wigs in order not to damage their work and social image. But applying lace wigs is a hassle which will cost a lot of time. How to apply lace wig with fastest way? If you are lazy and this is how to put on your lace front wig in literally 5 minutes with no glue. Simple, beginner friendly and easy to remove.

Lazy 5 Minutes Lace Wig Install – How To Apply Lace Wigs Quickly

I like to apply my wig and I'm using the hair from luxury hair dealer, so I'm gonna wear this wig. There's no concealer foundation anything on the end so I'm just gonna put it straight on, this is usually super quick. But what it's got to be blue blasting free spray and just spread it across my hairline. I also spread a little bit on my actual hair since it is just hair spray. Just let that dry for like 30 seconds. 

apply lace wig lazy.png

Pull it forward and place it. Then go ahead and leave the baby hair down first with my eco Starla true. This takes me five minutes, I love doing this because the gel mix with the spray really makes my wig stay on like it's so secure, it's going nowhere. I love this methods because I'm lazy and it's quick and it works. 

Now, that they are jailed down to my way can we take this freeze bar 3 left and just brave this is awesome, going to ensure opposite that's a wig stays down and doesn't move. 

lace wig install.png

I thought this would ask me about three four days if I needed to last longer, I used to like to go to sleep in my wigs, so just making sure these are the way I want them to be because once I put my scarf on, that is how the hair is gonna stay. I'm happy with this, I'm gonna take my stuff and I'm gonna lay it out. So usually I would leave my scarf on while I wet my hair I apply my product and brush door with my diamond, brush it doesn't take long for it to set in place because the hairspray works really quickly, that is how I like my wigs really simple really easy.