Eyelash Extensions Removing - How To Remove Eyelash Extensions At Home
2019/12/17 16:04:52

Eyelash Extensions Removal

Women all around the world like to get eyelash extensions because they can make your eyes look lovely. After you’ve got the eyelash extensions, your eyes look beautiful, but you are uncomfortable, you are just experiencing a slightly pinching or pulling feeling, or they are not quite the right look for your conservative corporate job. In this case, you may want to take your eyelash extensions off. The long-wear individual lash extensions are best removed by a professional at a salon, but not everyone has the money to pay for this process. So many people choose to remove eyelash extensions by themselves. Here Just Virgin Hair brings a guide on how to remove eyelash extensions at home without damage the natural eyelashes.

Lash Extensions Removing Tutorial - Tips For Removing Eyelash Extensions

1.Buy Lash Remover - Paste Remover

Since the glue used to apply eyelash extensions is very strong, regular eyelash glue remover may not work on your lashes. Get paste remover that's labeled for use on eyelash extensions. Many people are obsessed with paste remover due to it being super gentle on their eyes. When we changed from gel to paste remover, women are no longer terrified of getting their eyelash extensions removed. It removes extensions quickly and it smells wonderful!

2. Start With A Clean Eyelid Without Makeup

Apply eye makeup remover to a cotton swab or pad, then wipe it over your eyes. Be sure to remove all of your mascara and eyeliner. This will allow you to identify where your real lashes end and the extensions begin

3. Place Under-eye Pads Below Your Eyes

Under-eye pads are thin, C-shaped pads that have an adhesive on the back. You can use these pads to protect the delicate skin under your eyes. To apply them, pull the back off the adhesive side of a pad. Then, position the pad under your eye with the scooped outside facing your eye. Lightly pat along the surface of the pad to make it stick. Make sure that the eye patches are on correctly that way the fumes of thepaste will not be getting onto the eye.

4. Apply The Paste Remover

Holding the eyelid very gently and applying the paste right on the root of the extension without getting it onto the lid itself. The paste is very gentle but either way the fumes can get onto the eye and then it can start burning, so just trying to make sure that whenever you're applying the paint it does not get into the eye. Let that sit for a while. When you are applying the paste you want to make sure that you are not holding on to the eye very roughly, because that is going to cause the eye to open up and the fumes are going to get into the eye. The paste does kind of melt which means that once you start working with the paste, it can get into the eye. And once you start lifting up the eye and being a little bit more rough than that gonna cause or the paste to get into the eye and start burning. So just try to be very gentle.

5. Pull Out The Loosened Extensions

After you have waited a couple minutes you want to just start veryslowly kind of brushing out theextensions. Start by pushing the extensionsdownward andlift up the root, every time they all just comeright off this process where the eyelashextensions removal is really simple andyou just have to be very gentle.Pushing the end of theextension onto the pad.Once you see thatthe root is lifted, then go underthat root and lift it upwardand it'll come right off.

6. Remove Excess Paste From Your Eyelid

Once you are done with the removalyou want to go ahead and slide a microbrush under the natural lashes, that waythe natural lashes are not stuck ontothe gel pad once remove it, because youwant to avoid to pull off any of the natural lashes. Once you are completely done doing that you can go ahead and take off the gel pad and start brushing them with this bully to remove any of the excess pastry moving.

7. Repeat With The Other Eye

Go to the other eye and do the same thing.

8. Rinse Your Eyelashes

Rinse your face and eye area with warm water and a mild cleanser, gently pat your face dry to take any further residue.