Curly Hair Care Routine - How To Wash, Dry And Style Curly Hair Wig
2020/3/7 17:15:24

Love the bold, bouncy flair of curly hair wigs? Sometimes taming your curls or waves can quite the challenge. In today’s article, we’ll present the curly wig care routine, covering how to take your curly hair from wet to dry, how to style curly hair wig, how to enhance its’ texture, what kind of product to use to enhance its’ beauty and how not to torture, and gives you loads of tips to make your curls feel bouncy and shiny.

Curly Wig Care Routine - How To Care For Curly Wigs

With curly wigs, you have the benefit of having perfect ringlets, no matter the weather synthetic fiber holds your style all day even if it's humid. When caring for curly wigs, it's important to follow a few simple steps.

  1. Never comb it or brush it in any way, this can cause it to be frizzy and makes it hard to put the curls back into place. If your wig does become frizzy and the curls don't seem to be appearing, the way they did when you first took it out of the box, use these tips to restore the balance.
  1. Using a wide tooth comb hair tricks come by beauty mark, start by taking a small section and lightly misting it with conditioning spray before detangling. Using your finger twist the curl and let it bounce back into shape, because it has smaller curls, you'll want to take smaller sections to achieve its original curl pattern, you can take a larger section for a completely different look. If you notice that sometimes the curl doesn't immediately go back into shape, it may be because it's supposed to go in the other direction, just twist it the other way. Do this all the way around your piece until your pattern is fully restored.
  2. One way to maintain your curls is to keep your hairnet that you get. When you first purchase your wig, lightly put it on top of your wig to keep the curls in place and it will also keep all of your hard work together. Using these simple steps you can transform any curly wig into looking like new, this method works on any curl any length.

How To Style Curly Hair Wig

You can do various styles on your wig, for example, you can design the curls such that they have bigger waves at the frame of the face and smaller ones at the entire hair. You will need a curling iron of your preferred size for this step to be practical. Start by separating your hair into sections, spray them with some heat protectant, and then curl the pieces using a curling iron on a low heat setting while following their natural patterns. Because curly hairs need to be moist always, you can spray some products to it to make them less frizzy. You can leave the curls to flow naturally, or you may tie them into different styles. For example, you can link your wig into a ponytail; braid it to form a topknot, a headband, or Dutch braids. Besides, you can do a slicked-back ponytail or victory curls.

6 Curly Hair Tips You Need To Know

  1. Disturbing your curls switch to a satin pillowcase as opposed to a cotton one or use a satin bonnet to sleep with, so that you can keep your curs looking nice for the next day.
  2. If you want to be super gentle, finger detangle your hair under running water, so like in a shower and this will make it easier. So when you shampoo and condition your curls, you won’t have a lot of tangles.
  3. If you have thick curly hair or your hair super long, then splitting your hair in sections while your shampoo can be super helpful. Split your hair down the middle and section your hair off and when you’re done with the section then move on to the next one, and this makes it super easy to get your scale clean.
  1. Before you comb your hair while wet, make sure that you always apply a leave-in conditioner, this will help you, so that you can really just sooth the comb throughout your hair. Start from the ends and work your way up to the roots, just so that you won’t have crazy tangles and you won’t hurt yourself.
  2. One thing about curly hair that drives people crazy is that it shrinks up so much and you never know the true length of your hair, so a great way is that grab a section of your hair after parting it off and literally take your blow-dryer and blow at the roots like you were straightening your hair and this helps you straighten out the roots, so that your hair can appear longer.
  1. Deep conditioning your hair should definitely be a priority and you should do this once a week. Combine this through hair and try your hair up and putting it in a cute shower cap and once it’s finished, leave this on for the whole duration on the shower and make sure that you rinse out with cold water so that you can seal in the moisture and close the cuticles.