Choose Wig with Different Bangs Styles & Types - How to Style a Wig with Bangs
2019/12/9 15:32:50

Wig with bangs are ideal solution for people who have a longer face shape want to obtain a softer contour, you don't need to customize a natural hairline. In addition, there are a broad range of wig textures and different bangs for meeting diversified styling needs. Now, introduces the different bangs types and how to style a wig with bangs.

Wig with Different Bangs Types - How to Style a Wig with Bangs

1. Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs is a typical straight bangs, all hair on the bangs is straight down and with the same length. Wearing wigs with blunt straight bangs offers you a gentle, cute look, suitable for people who want to look more youthful. Other than that, blunt, straight-across bangs is also fashionable. Different trimming methods and different levels of processing will show different effects. On the basis of flat straight-across bangs, there are thin c and thick bangs, eyebrow covered bangs, or above eyebrow bangs, etc. The flat straight bangs can fit all face types. You can do a little cutting or trimming to balance your shape.

Styling method: use your flat-iron and run it along dry bangs from wigs roots to tips, when you are near the end of your bangs, bend the iron slightly to create a slight radian.

2. Side Swept Bangs

Another common bangs types, the length of side swept bangs usually longer than blunt straight bangs, this bangs is very popular among people of different ages, it can creating multiple flattering hairstyles. Side swept bangs mean that the forehead is covered with arc-shaped hair or wig. The wigs is divided into two parts with different proportions. Long straight wig with long side swept bangs, looks young and elegant, at the same time, long side swept bangs can cover different areas of face according to preferences, to modify the face shape. Medium and long wigs with short side swept bangs, the large area forehead can be almost exposed, makes the face clear, looks very fresh.

Styling method: part your wig to the side, then use a round brush to curl your bangs toward the back of the mannequin head with small warm air from your hairdryer, make your bangs naturally fall to the side of your wig.

3. Baby bangs

Baby bangs can be regarded as a short bangs, you may find that many celebrities have ever apply the baby bangs, which is trendy recent years. It's extremely short, just like the baby's hair. There is a kind of casual feeling that does not need to be decorated, the serrated shape looks like destroyed cutting, a little bit silly and cute. This baby bangs, without excessive explicit skills, wearing wig with baby bangs can create layers and fully display your facial contour and facial features. It's also visually like you're several years younger.

Styling method: to keep a baby bangs, you may need a mini flat-iron to straight a little part of wigs one time and use a hair spray or serum on it after styling.

4. Wavy & Curly Bangs

Curly bangs can be regarded as the derivation of air bangs. You can curl the bangs out of a certain arc with a curling stick to increase the fluffy degree. The wavy or curly bangs is fashionable and the magical tools to decorate the face. Curly bangs and air sense won't make your head look a little collapsed, short wig has a playful and lovely temperament, after perming on bangs, it adds a sweet feel.

Styling method: for thin wavy bangs, curl as less wigs as possible once, for large area wavy bangs, you need to use your curl iron on the bangs for many times, then apply the curl-defining product on the dry wigs.