Bottom Lash Extensions Tutorial - How To Apply Eyelash Extensions To The Lower Lashes?
2020/2/28 14:54:48

No matter who it is, we all like girls with big eyes, so now there are many people who choose to go to the Plastic Surgery Hospital to do double eyelids to make their eyes bigger, but having a double eyelid is not enough to make our eyes charming, but also need to add a thick curly eyelash. Not everyone has long and dense eyelashes, so nowadays many people magnify their eyes by brushing mascara or do eyelash extension. The long eyelashes can make the eyes look more vivid. Then how to apply eyelash extensions? has introduced some common methods of lash extensions applying before, this time we are going to detail you how to apply eyelash extensions to the lower lashes.

Best Tools For Applying Lower Eyelash Extensions

  • Pre-made short stem
  • 4D volume fans
  • Lash adhesive
  • Tweezers
  • Micropore tape
  • Mmini electric fans

Step-by-Step Bottom Lashes Applying Guide - How To Apply Eyelash Extensions To The Lower Lashes

You do need a faceting glue when applying pre-made fans, what we want to do before we start is apply the extensions to the top lash line. When we are applying extensions to the top lashes and the lower lashes, we need to make sure that we are keeping the lashes doing their job. When we applying extensions to the lower lashes we need to apply them differently to how we would apply to the top. Here are the steps for applying eyelash extensions to the lower lashes.

  1. Start by using two pieces of micropore tape and applying to the skin starting just below where the lower lashes start, this is going to assume ik them easier to lash.
  2. Then using a gel eyepad, support those top extensions and pull them back, so the eyes still remains closed, then we can just see the lower lashes, we want to be able to see them to apply the extensions to them.
  3. Then apply the pre-made fans to your tile or your hand. Placing them the opposite to how you would apply the top lashes. So when we apply the top lashes, we have the fans facing towards us, we want the fans facing the opposite to us and away from us because when we dip it in the glue, we want the fan the chip of the fan to be facing down towards the skin. So pick up the fan and then dip it in the adhesive the opposite way, so face down.
  1. Then what you are going to do is go over to the natural lashes and apply to the lower lash. As the lower lash line is much more sparse, there's going to be less lashes applied, so this is going to be done much quicker. Usually, allow about 15 to 20 minutes to do lower lashes.
  2. Then apply that pre-made fan on to the lower lash which must be isolated perfectly evenly, so you don't need to go and use two tweezers, you can just go in and apply that fan or extension classic lash onto the lower lashes. Always ensure no adhesive touches the skin.
  3. Open eyes and see the work you just achieved.